Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand hosts a Masterclass on ‘menu engineering and food costing’ for foodservice professionals, chefs and food experts

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Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand is hosting Heinz Culinary Academy Masterclass, a series of online events including seminars, panel discussions, interactive episodes, etc. dedicated to foodservice professionals, chefs, and food experts across the country.

The webinar will take place Tuesday, 26 July 2022, AT 10:00 UTC+07 via Zoom.

This session will give attendees an  introduction to  menu engineering and food costing. Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand has divided the webinar into two parts. The first part will be a webinar on how to use menu planning and menu engineering to increase food businesses’ sales and how to do food costing correctly. The second part will be a cooking demonstration by a Thai professional chef and Kraft Heinz Foodservice Commercial Chef, Pauline Diaz Lagdameo. The second part aims to inspire Thai audiences to elevate their menu using Kraft Heinz Foodservice’s innovative sauces. The overall aim of the webinar is to empower SMEs and professionals in the food service industry and build a local food service community whereby they can attract, inspire, and improve the community

The company is dedicating an entire team of experienced professionals to share food service industry knowledge with food business owners, helping chefs to innovate through its co-created recipes and providing business solutions to increase sales, operational efficiency, and profit. Through its Culinary Academy, Kraft Heinz Foodservice will collaborate with 500 local independent restaurants to help them bounce back from covid and take their food business to the next level.

Regarding the relevance of the masterclass in the current environment, Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand highlights that the pandemic has affected all industries, but it has had a more significant impact on some firms and sectors than on others. Unfortunately, F&B is still struggling. With this webinar, we hope to create and nurture a food community and support the food service industry operators. We hope to achieve this by increasing foot traffic by launching a loyalty reward programme sponsored by Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand, providing access to global flavour innovations and inspirations to continue delighting consumers, sharing key learnings among the community, and much more.

Interested individuals can attend the webinar by registering at this link. The webinar will also be broadcast on Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand’s Facebook page. Attendees of the webinar will receive a discount voucher for participating Kraft Heinz products which can be redeemed at and Makro stores nationwide.

Registration for the webinar and free discount vouchers are available by scanning the dedicated QR code:

To join the Heinz Culinary Academy for free, following Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand on social media:

  • Facebook at Kraft Heinz Foodservice Thailand Link
  • Instagram at @kraftheinzfs_thailand
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