Sunkist Pistachio Milk Offers High Value Stamp Collection Promotion with 7-Eleven


Sunkist, premium pistachio nuts and pistachio milk brand under Heritage Group announces an exclusive promotion with 7-Eleven including stamps giveaway when purchasing Sunkist Pistachio Milk at 7-Eleven in all flavors which are Original, Unsweetened, Chocolate, and Thai Tea flavor.  Sunkist Pistachio Milk in any flavor in size 180ml at 20 baht offers 1 stamp value 3 baht.  

Moreover, for every purchase of 2 cartons of 180ml Sunkist Pistachio Milk in any flavors, customers will receive 3 stamps value 9 baht!  7-Eleven stamps collection can be use directly for the discount of next purchase based on value mentioned, for donations, or exchange for premium gifts. The campaign starts from now until 23 August 2020 at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. For further information, please contact 02-813-0954-5 or follow Sunkist’s activities at, and IG:sunkistthailand