The Pizza Company boosts dine-in sales despite challenging economy, launching Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotions to bring value to Thai customers at every branch, every day

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The Pizza Company brings greater value to Thai customers, launching the “Buy 1 Get 1” promotion at every branch, every day.

Customers can choose from a selection of 17 toppings across thick & soft or think & crispy crusts as well as the cheese crust where the price for two trays starts at only 239 baht. New menus are also set to launch, including the “Cheesy Crispy Chicken Bite & Crab Stick” and the “Cheesy Bacon & Smoky Pork” pizza along with the “Crispy Hotdog Cheese Crust”. Customers can enjoy these new menus using the special promotion where 2 trays can be enjoyed at just 399 baht at all branches nationwide, available for dine-in, takeout or delivery via The Pizza Company 1112 application, call 1112 or visit the website at This campaign, apart from being a marketing activity to stimulate consumption, also gives back to customers facing a difficult situation. This campaign is expected to generate 25% sales growth. The Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion will be available only from February 24 – 3 April 2022.

Mr. Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited commented, “The Pizza Company focuses on delivering well-rounded dining experiences to customers by serving quality food with delicious and exotic flavours, along with attractive marketing campaigns and promotions. This year, The Pizza Company offers a Buy 1 Get 1 Promotion to give back to customers at every branch, every day. Customers can choose to enjoy their experience across 17 different toppings on crust options, including thick & soft, think & crispy or cheese crust. Additionally, the Pizza Company is also surprising customers with the launch of new menus, including “Cheesy Crispy Chicken Bite & Crabstick”, “Cheese Back & Smoky Pork” and “Crispy Hotdog Cheese Crust”Customers can enjoy this promotion through delivery service via The Pizza Company 1112 application, call 1112, and website at and dine-in or takeout service at all branches nationwide. With the promotion, customers can enjoy two trays of pizza starting at only 239 baht. In addition, the newly released crispy hotdog cheese crust is also participating in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, where two medium trees are available at only 399 baht. This campaign runs from February 24 – 3 April, 2022 only.

For over 20 years, The Pizza Company has often offered the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, which has received positive feedback from customers and pizza lovers. The brand has also launched new menus with every Buy 1 Get 1 promotion so customers can enjoy a variety of flavours. For this coming promotion, the company has selected popular ingredients such as bacon, chicken and cheese to concoct new menus, including the “Cheesy Crispy Chicken Bite & Crab Stick” that’s packed with crispy chicken and meaty crabsticks, the “Cheesy Back & Smoky Pork” that’s stuffed with crispy bacon that teases your tastebuds with the crunchiness and delicious aroma of cheese in every bite. Also introducing a new crust, the “Crispy Hotdog Cheese Crust”, The Pizza Company entices cheese lovers with enjoy 2-in-1 deliciousness of giant sausages with cheese fillings and sprinkled with crunchy cheese and served with a flavourful cocktail sauce.

“Both restaurant operators and customers are affected by the increase in price of many ingredients. The Pizza Company, as the leader in the pizza market in Thailand, has maintained good product standards and plans to manage the cost of raw ingredients to minimise the impact on customers. The brand continues to strive to deliver delicious food at value prices for customer, using quality ingredients and maintaining the same quantity and prices. This is to give back to customers and create happiness. We are confident that this year, the COVID-19 situation will gradually improve, including the economy as well. The Pizza Company has closely monitored the situation to determine the direction of the business, including the planning of marketing strategies in accordance with changing consumer behaviours. It is expected that marketing efforts will be able to stimulate consumption and the economy, and we expect to increase sales by 25%,” Mr. Panusak concluded.

Enjoy the “Buy 1 Get 1” campaign with your favourite pizza toppings from February 24 – 3 April 2022, for dine-in and takeaway at all branches nationwide, and order delivery via The Pizza Company 1112 application, call 1112 or visit the website at

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