Golfasian Records Record Revenues Despite Corona Virus


While we are all reading the primary news services of the doom and gloom being created by the Corona Virus epidemic, tour specialist Golfasian are finding that their current vacationers are still playing golf and keeping positive.

Although everyone is naturally concerned, many have pointed out to our staff that there seems to be two epidemics, one of the viruses, and one of fear!

Mark Siegel, Golfasian’s CEO said, “I cannot do anything but relay the facts about the illness as I am not a doctor, so The World Health Organization’s page at remains my go-to site for accurate and authoritative virus information.

However maybe by sharing our firsthand experiences on the ground, we can positively impact the ‘fear epidemic’.”

Travel restrictions by governments trying to control the infection, have added, to the uncertainty. Most experts recommend good hygiene, frequent hand washing, and avoiding crowded places, as the best way to prevent the spread.

As for Golfasian, business carries on, with 90% of March’s bookings going ahead.

Meanwhile many of Golfasian’s staff are using the opportunity to meet and golf together with fellow golf travelers.

Siegel himself travelled to Pattaya twice to join his groups from Hong Kong and Vietnam. He reported that while some golf clubs had far fewer than average golfers, others were busy with domestic groups.

Other staff members also took a trip to Malaysia to the Desaru Coast, and travel between airports in Bangkok and Johor was efficient and smooth.

Golfasian’s Director of Sales has just returned from a three-week trip with some fellow Canadian visitors that covered Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and Hua Hin. Everyone had a great time, and a few stayed on in Bangkok, before making their way back home safely.

“We are having a great time.  At the airport to head to Chianti’s Mai.  It has been quiet wherever we have been compared to normal.  Good for us not good for everybody else. I think we might be safer in Thailand than many other parts of the world right now,” said Anne W. from Canada, who has been on the multi-country golf tour last week.

Earlier in the month, the company’s GM, traveled to Phnom Penh for the first time, and reported back that everything was running as normal and the courses there were very impressive.

“Bottom line is that the weather over here has been excellent, and all the courses are in first class condition and with few golfers, effectively you are able to experience playing what is known as millionaires golf,” said Ian Morgan, the company’s Hua Hin based General Manager.

Golfasian report that most golf travelers are going ahead with their travel plans, however each traveler should check with their airlines or local government websites for the latest procedures.

Mark Siegel added, “Golfasian is here for the long term. We have been through tsunamis, floods, riots, airport closures, and will still be here after the virus runs its course.”

The company’s 24-hour golf hotline is available to all clients, and currently they are operating as business as usual.

Golfasian is publishing daily updates on golf groups on the ground on it’s official Facebook page: