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How to Stay Safe on the Course


There isn’t much you can do these days to stay fit and social without the police handing you a fine.

Thankfully, golf is one of the few activities that you can still play as long as you do it responsibly.

If you’re wondering how you can play a round and keep safe, look no further than our 5 helpful tips below.

We do apologise to our Victorian friends, who are deprived of this beautiful game at the moment. So please find some time to play a round for them.

If you are going out for a game, we’d love to see how you are attempting to adhere to social distancing rules on the course.

Pick The Right Partner

Due to social distancing laws, you can only play with one other golfer so make sure you pick wisely. Yes maybe check if they have had a temperature, cough or any aches recently – but there is one main factor you should be checking.

That is how they strike the ball. For instance, if you hook it from the tee, you need to find a slicer! If you push it, you need to find a puller! That way you can ensure there is no way in hell in you two will breach any social distancing rules.

Don’t Share Your Cart with Anyone

The 1.5 metre rule means that you can’t hop into a cart with your partner. This means you won’t be able to have someone to distract you from that humiliating 4-putt you just produced as you head to the next hole.

In these times, beware overthinking and wondering why on earth you play this game. And certainly don’t think about whether hanging out with your wife or husband will give you more joy. Just remember this is temporary.

Don’t Rake Up Your Mess

The new rules mean that you can’t pick up the rake to clean up the mess you made in the bunker. This could be disastrous for those whose balls can’t help but stray away from the fairway and land in the sand. Yes, you’re not alone.

So we find the best way is to leave the bunker spotless is to pick up the ball and simply throw it back into the play. Preferably before your partner sees that you landed there in the first place…

Hands Off the Flag

We also recommend not to handle the flag when putting on the green. This opens golfers up to a wealth of excuses for their atrocious short game.

Whether it be because they hit it too hard and it ricocheted off the flag, or the angle the flag stands distorted one’s perception. Don’t give in to these excuses and call them out immediately.

Stock Up for the 19th Hole

With the clubhouse bar closed, you will have to improvise for the 19th hole. While we can’t find the exact number of drinks allowed (mainly because we haven’t looked), the general rule we are going by is how many beers you can hold.

Please note that I am unsure of the legality around this. Who do you think I am a lawyer? No I just write newsletters, lay off me!

Show Us How You are Still Playing!

We want to know how you are still golfing amidst the coronavirus, especially how you Victorians are getting creative. If you have any photos, videos, or stories of you on the course we’d love to hear it!