Dance and Detox to Transformation and Triathlons, the Six Senses Retreat Season is in Full Bloom

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To gather together, dance, breathe deeply, eat mindfully, and share joyfully is hardwired into human DNA, along with the need for community and connection. Believing it’s high time to bring the sparkle back to people’s collective souls, Six Senses has a rich and varied Retreat Season lined up.

With programming between a few days and a full week, guests enter a playful and friendly space to detach from the narrative of daily life, blow the lid off stuck behaviors, and make some long-lasting and meaningful changes.

Each has a specific focus, but all are guided by experts to encompass wellness, personal growth, nutrition, relationships, self-care, and more. Everyone works as a group so even if guests are traveling solo, they are not alone. There’s time to absorb these lived experiences away from the usual rush. Beautiful locations such as the 19th-century Six Senses Douro Valley wine estate in Portugal and newly opened Six Senses Ibiza on the white isle’s northern tip provide a peaceful backdrop surrounded by the healing power of nature.

“Our Retreat Season serves as a portal to another dimension,” says Six Senses Wellness Pioneer Anna Bjurstam. “Many things come together in harmony – openness, awareness, timing, the people you’re with and the place itself – for a profound experience that can be powerfully transformative.”

Retreat Season at Six Senses Douro Valley

The drive up through the vine-covered rolling hills of the Douro Valley is in itself great preparation for a retreat. For the spring Retreat Season, guests will be staying in a Quinta Deluxe room, most of which are complete with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful woodland or vineyard as well as a comfortable reading and relaxation area.

Access to Six Senses Spa includes the use of the steam room and fitness center, along with a weekly schedule of complimentary activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, sound healing, hiking, and additional extras, according to the program.

• Boundless Retreat with Ben Greenfield, March 7 to 11, five days of immersive programming during which guests learn to upgrade their brain, optimize their body, and defy aging. This is a journey of discovery led by one of the brightest minds in anti-aging and biohacking to learn, grow, heal and ultimately live a life firing on all cylinders. Four nights from EUR 6,890.
• WiseMotion Retreat – Vitality through Movement and Science with Dr. Hanna Poikonen, March 28 to 31. This retreat will focus on movement and meditation practices to enhance mental clarity, cognitive performance, and social interaction and understand these processes in the brain. Three nights from EUR 1,790.
• Journey to Vitality with Dr. Ana Moreira, May 19 to 22, to re-educate habits and re-balance energy levels through Dr. Ana’s unique balance of expertise in both medicine and spiritual practices. The experience is amplified by nutritious food, spa treatments, beautiful accommodation, and the healing powers of the forest all around. Three nights from EUR 4,235.

“By joining this retreat, you are making a commitment to yourself, to restore your vitality, re-balance your energy levels and leave feeling a whole lot stronger than when you arrived,” says Dr. Ana Moreira.

Retreat Season at Six Senses Ibiza

This range of playful, immersive, profound, comfort-zone-expanding retreats is curated by the best practitioners in their field and enriched by some of Ibiza’s most talented healers. All retreats include access to Six Senses Spa facilities along with complimentary activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, sound healing, hiking, and additional extras, according to the program.

“At Six Senses Ibiza, we go together so you don’t have to be afraid of going alone,” says Six Senses Wellness Pioneer Anna Bjurstam. “Everyone is welcome. Beyond the theme of yoga or detox, there is purpose, going deeper and finding more. There is a lot of group work, understanding nutrition, meditation, and many other things together. You find a tribe, friends for life.”

The Sea View Junior Suites at Six Senses Ibiza offer expansive panoramic views across the honeycomb cliffs and turquoise Xarraca Bay:

• Santhosh Dance, March 19 to 23. A feel-good retreat where dance is taught as a tool of empowerment, motivating guests to express their inner beauty, grace, and vitality – while whisking across the floor, but also in life. Dance the Argentine Tango, American Smooth, Latin Ballroom, Salsa, and Bachata/Kizomba feeling each step with the heart. Four nights from EUR 3,594.
• Spring Detox by BodyFlow, March 23 to 27. After a long road trip, and life is a long road trip, one’s windshield usually needs a deep clean from environmental toxins, bad food, stuck emotions, and years of sitting in front of a computer. Master detoxer Shlomo Dharma has discovered the best way to clean the whole engine too, on this retreat complete with morning bliss, love circles, and daily surges of oxytocin. Four nights from EUR 2,800.
• Face Reading with Eric Standop, March 25 to 27. A face can tell the story of thoughts and feelings, revealing talent, challenges and potential. This is a unique opportunity to better understand oneself and others coached by an internationally renowned facial diagnostics expert.
• Runners’ Retreat with hosts Patrick McKeown, Dr. Eric Cobb and Rhiannon Lambert, March 27 to 31. Calling all runners (whether preparing for a high-performance race or a first run in a while) to harness the power of breath, movement, and nutrition to run faster, longer, and pain-free. Training includes ways to simulate altitude running to delay lactic acid and fatigue, and boost stamina and speed. Four nights from EUR 4,160.
• Pleasure Principles – Journey of Women’s Sexual Wellness with Dr. Nicola Finley, April 3 to 8. This engaging and insightful retreat focuses on the key pleasure principles of women’s sexual wellness, an important yet often overlooked aspect of health. This safe space includes special sessions led by local Six Senses practitioners in the areas of yoga, breathwork, and sound healing. Six nights from EUR 4,020.
• Solving the Mystery of Your Sleep with acclaimed Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus, May 6 to 10. If standard sleep hygiene practices like limiting screen time, caffeine, and alcohol before bed aren’t working, this retreat will go deeper into personal patterns to create a personalized plan to achieve the right quality and amount of shut-eye to perform at one’s best. Four beautiful nights’ sleep from EUR 4,035.

These retreats have been created especially for Six Senses Ibiza, away from life’s usual distractions and with nothing to get in the way of really ‘being’. The special energy of the island helps provide a long recharge to people’s batteries so they go home feeling their best.

Triathlon of Senses

Another highlight is the springtime Triathlon of Senses Retreat, from April 27 to May 1. This experimental, trailblazing program culminates in Six Senses Ibiza’s inaugural triathlon race (Super Sprint, Sprint, or Olympic distance). The retreat includes training sessions with world champion triathletes Iván Raña and Laura Zimmerman, biohacking treatments, inspirational lectures, restorative yoga, meditation, massages, and more. It was conceived in collaboration with top professional trainers from all relevant disciplines with a single goal; to get triathletes to the starting line in a mentally focused, emotionally elevated, and optimal physical state.

The main event, scheduled for Saturday April 30, doesn’t start with dashing right into the water but instead, a tailormade warm-up with yoga followed by a unique meditation session. These work in synergy to put competitors into the right state of mind. Only then is it “swim, bike and run” and then a celebration of everyone’s achievement in true Ibiza style. Five nights from EUR 4,800 per person to EUR 5,713 per couple.

For people who can’t make the full retreat, there’s also a shorter, weekend-only option from April 29 to May 1. Three nights from EUR 2,140 per person to EUR 2,588 per couple.

Closed Group Masterclasses

Connection is at the heart of the Six Senses programming approach. For people who can’t join a retreat, At Home is a way to join global experts and Friends of Six Senses from home. The idea is to stay connected to a global community and discover new ways to explore the world of wellness and sustainability through closed group masterclasses.

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