Kylaz launches innovative 3-step skincare solution for Acne treatment

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New Singaporean skincare brand Kylaz, a breakthrough solution for acne, blemishes and breakouts developed by a world-class medical aesthetics pioneer from the JYSK Group, makes its debut in Thailand. This brand-new skincare line gently and effectively treats the root cause of acne, with a unique three-part treatment approach: correct, protect and prevent. Each Kylaz product is formulated for long-term protection and strengthening of the skin ­– a whole new method of acne treatment therapy.

There are three key products designed to treat acne using a combination of 16 active ingredients, providing a holistic approach for all types of acne. These three products have been formulated to: heal acne and blemishes, refine skin texture, exfoliate skin, unclog pores, and brighten skin tone. These are amazing skin-boosting benefits which go beyond acne treatment, helping to maintain a clear and healthy complexion.

Kylaz’s skincare line currently consists of three products:

  • Kylaz Spot Off Treatment, which is packed with eight powerful active ingredients, and provides emergency treatment to urgently clear spots, calm the skin and control oil production.
  • Kylaz Blemish Healing Emulsion features four active ingredients to keep the skin hydrated, accelerate healing and protect against further breakouts by combating the main causes of acne, such as clogged pores.
    Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defense is a reparative moisturiser with four potent ingredients, which improve skin health, immunity and texture to keep complexion clearer and brighter for longer.

Together the three products provide the key elements of a strong skin foundation to prevent recurring acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

“The Kylaz product range is formulated to not just suppress acne, but to heal, prevent and strengthen the skin. To ensure complete healing, it also protects the compromised skin, exfoliate pores and clears up comedones, blackheads and whiteheads. Kylaz not only treats the symptoms of acne but addresses the problem at its root, allowing the improvement of overall skin health and immunity, so that acne recurrence is prevented.” 

Dr SK Tan, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Kylaz. 

Kylaz skincare will be available at from 11th September 2019. 

For more information on Kylaz please visit or connect with the brand on Facebook: and Instagram:

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