Medical & Wellness Excellence


There are many wellness programs. What sets ChivaCare’s evidence-based treatments apart, are its medical expertise and focus on each person through a holistic approach. We include a range of holistic treatments but focus on evidence-based approaches. Other holistic treatments available include art therapy, meditation, sound, and light therapies.

ChivaCare is a polyclinic licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health as a clinic with multiple departments. ChivaCare has a team of internationally trained doctors and university-educated therapists.

Chiang Mai is widely known as an ideal environment for retreat and ChivaCare is unique in its multidisciplinary medical team of doctors and therapists as well as a strong network of partnerships in Chiang Mai medical and health sector to the benefit of our customers.

Cost of the Retreats

Once an inquiry is received, we set up a consultation call to ask a few questions. Then we send an overview document, and finally, prepare an accurate quotation for cost. We provide a one-stop service in cooperation with local partners, covering medical and travel needs once arrived in Chiang Mai.

Other Services

Medical services including dental and surgery and health checkups can be arranged. ChivaCare also offers longer duration medical rehabilitation programs for domestic and international medical tourists for stroke rehabilitation, postoperative rehabilitation, and chronic pain treatment. Further information on our website.