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Spa Cenvaree Connects with Guests Through Heartfelt Treatments Offered Across Thirty Locations in Thailand

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SPA Cenvaree by Centara Hotels & Resorts is one of Asia’s leading spa brands with a loyal domestic and international fan base and an impressive repeat booking rate amongst guests who appreciate the genuine, personalised treatments that have earned its reputation as “the spa with a heart”.

Varee means river in Sanskrit, and true to its name, SPA Cenvaree harnesses the flow of energy between the therapist and the recipient to relax and rejuvenate the receiver’s body and mind.

One of the spa group’s core philosophies is to focus on creating a ‘heart connection’ with guests – a unique approach that is often praised in the feedback given after each session. This soulful connection contributes to SPA Cenvaree’s impressive return booking rates, which are higher than those enjoyed by other spa brands in the region with half of the clientele in locations such as Bangkok booking from outside the hotel.

Spa Cenvaree also places an emphasis on creating unique spa journeys with flawless service to offer hotel guests and outside customers a consistently memorable experience.

“It normally takes people about 20 minutes to fully relax into a spa treatment, but we have introduced certain special rituals to put the therapists and their guests in sync as fast as possible. This means guests can easily let go and thoroughly enjoy their personalised treatment from beginning to end,” says Tara Hanrahan, Corporate Spa Director at SPA Cenvaree.

These signature rituals and services are made possible thanks to the spa’s dedicated team of expert therapists. In addition to organizing tailored training programs twice a year for its therapists, SPA Cenvaree also employs two full-time spa trainers who constantly travel around the group’s network of spas to ensure the quality of treatments remains high and meet clients’ continually changing needs and expectations.

The spa’s professional therapists are all trained to physically and emotionally connect with guests by fully explaining the treatment process and even consciously aligning their breath with the guests for a deeper connection.

Highlight treatments from SPA Cenvaree’s extensive menu include a signature ‘Salt Pot Muscles Melter’, a Thai-inspired ritual combining deep tissue massage techniques with heated ceramic pots filled with salt that are used as compresses to better release tension in the shoulders and lower back muscles. This unique treatment is also designed to increase blood flow while breaking down lactic acid.

“Our treatments are developed to meet specific health and relaxation needs but they are only one component of the experience,” explains Ms. Hanrahan.

“We create comprehensive spa journeys that begin before the main massage or treatment and continue after it is completed. We focus on every single detail, from the moment clients’ book a session to the minute they step out the door to return to their lives,”  she adds.

The management at SPA Cenvaree is well aware of the intense competition within Thailand’s spa and wellness industry and continually strives to offer a superior experience to the ones offered by other hotels and non-branded local spas. Close attention has been given what exactly makes a spa experience outstanding, and

the results speak for themselves with returning guests often requesting specific therapists.

Starting in September 2018, Spa Cenvaree is offering a group-wide membership programme that’s available for 6 or 12 months, providing members with a range of exclusive privileges including special treatments, preferential bookings, F&B discounts, fitness vouchers, free birthday treatments, and gift treatments to share with friends and family. Through the programme, which is designed to appeal to outside guests in particular, regular spa-goers who book treatments around Thailand enjoy personalised perks and packages that enhance their personal spa journeys.

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