Virgin Active invites you to exercise with your loved ones this August

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Virgin Active has three yoga classes: Yoga Align, Yoga Calm and Yoga Flow.

Virgin Active, the world’s leading health club this August, invites everyone to celebrate the month of love, warmth and sharing under the concept “Celebrate Every Move.” On the other hand, Reformer Pilates utilizes a special equipment called the “reformer bed,” with key benefits including strengthening the player’s movements and creating stability, agility, power, balance, precision, and fluidity. Members can invite a friend or loved one to a free trial at Virgin Active, with a special Panpuri gift set and a special discount.

Mark Seeto, Global Head of Yoga & Reformer Pilates, Virgin Active, revealed, “I think yoga is a beautiful practice to help people come together with themselves.

No matter who you are or your role, we can all enjoy the benefits of exercising to enhance our physical and mental strength.

Virgin Active offers Yoga and Reformer Pilates classes classified as low to medium-intensity workouts that focus on strengthening the core and creating flexibility. Virgin Active has launched the Invite A Friend program to reinforce the spirit of sharing and promoting good physical and mental health during this special month of giving. The campaign aims to enhance the exercise experience beyond just strengthening your health but also to nurture your loved ones and your mental strength.

“After a yoga class, you will feel some level of change. It can also help us to see the world with a wider perspective, which in turn helps us see ourselves on a deeper level,” Mark Seeto added. A big part of that is not just understanding the inner parts of you or the inner workers of who you are, but the realization that we are powerful, strong, and resilient.” Going to class once a week for a month, you’re probably going to meet some new friends or have a connection with the teacher.

Exercise can help to foster happiness through the transmission of positive energy to those around you. Unifying your movements and mind as one will allow you to understand yourself and your loved ones more profoundly. Building a deep relationship and a sense of self by being a part of a class or a community is important to who we are as humans. Yoga is essential to our lives because it helps us nurture relationships with people. It also helps to enhance the player’s posture and functional movement.

Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)

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