Wellness treatments at the green pearls

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Fasting, sound healing, TCM – many health programmes and therapies support overall well-being and the body’s own healing processes. However, there is often little time in daily life life to take moments to consciously treat complaints such as tension, sleep disorders or digestive problems. However, this time is available during holidays. More and more opportunities are becoming available to take part in qualified health programmes in beautiful places around the globe. Read on to learn about a selection of courses and treatments from the sustainable Green Pearls® partners.

Wellbeing with the bees

At the family-run Hotel Rinner in Oberbozen, everything revolves around the fascinating world of the bee: from the hotel’s own organic apiary to the furnishings with honeycomb-inspired elements and the special Api-Wellness. Api-Therapy is an ancient healing method using bee products. With the help of a so-called ‘Beecura System’, an inhalation system for beehive air, the valuable air infused with the bees’ hard work is gentle sucked out of the hive. The bees are not disturbed during this process. The air, which is delicately scented with beeswax, contains many valuable ingredients such as essential oils, flavonoids, pollen, wax and propolis, which have a healing effect on various respiratory problems and allergies and can increase overall well-being.

Another form of treatment that uses the healing properties of honey is the Tibetan therapeutic honey massage. An ancient treatment that has been practiced for hundreds of years in Asia and Eastern Europe, and guests can enjoy it at the CERVO Mountain Resort. The massage relieves back and shoulder pain by loosening deep tensions in the muscles and fascia, improving muscle tightness and stimulating the reflex zones of all internal organs. The honey opens the pores of the skin and toxins are removed from the body. The slightly acidic pH value of honey strengthens the skin’s own acid protection.

Fasting therapies

Fasting trains the metabolism. When the body does not have to digest, important cell cleansing processes can run more smoothly. Fasting promotes the body’s own waste removal and leads to a relief of the body’s own systems.

Im OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel auf Teneriffa gibt es die Möglichkeit, eine ärztlich betreute und begleitete Mayr-Fastenkur und den Urlaub miteinander zu verbinden. Die Diagnostik und Therapie nach F. X. Mayr ist „eine ganzheitliche Methode zur Gesunderhaltung und Behandlung chronischer Beschwerden und Erkrankungen”. Das Gesundheitshotel bietet verschiedene Fastenprogramme an. Die klassische 14- oder 21-tägige Fastenkur richtet sich an Menschen mit Fastenerfahrung – und dient der Prävention von Bluthochdruck und Magenbeschwerden sowie als Basis für einen gesunden Lebensstil. Das F.X. Mayr „Detox” Programm legt seinen Schwerpunkt noch mehr auf Bauchbehandlungen, die Aktivierung des Darms sowie die Anregung der Entgiftungsorgane. Das „Aktiv”-Programm beinhaltet ein spezielles Bewegungs- und Trainingsprogramm. Die Körperzusammensetzung wird mehrfach gemessen, um Veränderungen und Fortschritte festzustellen und Handlungsempfehlungen für die zukünftige Lebensweise abzuleiten.

The SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA in Bad Herrenalb, also offers the possibility of a fasting holiday. The hotel is located in the spa town of Bad Herrenalb and offers its guests both therapeutic fasting according to Dr. Buchinger and fasting with alkaline food. The participants are guided and supervised by fasting instructor Christiane Hefner. Exercise programmes such as guided hikes, black forest bathing or yoga provide variety and support the cleansing process. A visit to the spa area and many extras such as colon hydro treatments, classic massages and cosmetic treatments round off the fasting holiday.

Sound therapy

While harmonious sounds calm the mind, fine vibrations gradually spread through the body. This can lead to deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. This state can be achieved with singing bowl therapy, also called sound healing.

Guests of the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA relax with the singing bowl developed by Peter Hess during a sound massage or find their physical centre during sound meditation. Thoughts are focused and emotions and sensations are perceived more consciously. The meditations are also used at conferences as an effective relaxation element to awaken new energies and release creative energies.

The Maslina Resort also focuses on a relaxation offer with sound healing. During the sound session at the 5* wellness hotel, various musical instruments are used to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. The therapists are trained sound healing and Reiki masters. They use gongs tuned to strategic frequencies to heal different parts of the body and mind.

The Naturhotel Aufatmen in Leutasch invites its guests to relax in the ‘Room of Silence’. Here, sound body loungers are available on which you simply select your favourite music via a tablet, close your eyes and enjoy. The sound can be felt everywhere throughout the body, which gradually slips you into a very special state of relaxation. The loungers are available to guests free of charge. In addition, a masseuse offers singing bowl massages on site.

The Tibetan singing bowls used in Ayurvedic treatments at the CERVO Mountain Resort are composed of alloys. They contain various precious metals that are also associated with stars in our galaxy: Lead (Saturn), Tin (Jupiter), Iron (Mars), Copper (Venus), Silver (Moon) and Gold (Sun). The CERVO team is convinced of the effect of the therapy: “When you relax with singing bowls and gongs, your concentration increases, emotional blockages and tensions are released. With its vibration, the sound can abolish spiritual or emotional pain such as lack of self-esteem, worry, fear, anger, depression or insomnia.”

The HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu with their approach to holistic therapy and coaching also provides their guests with sound bowl massages. Be it sound, tones or music, all is energy. Vibration resonates and permeates each individual body cell. This exposes behavior patterns and conditionings that restrict one throughout life and prevent experiencing one’s true potential. The soft vibrations induce a sense of relaxation and a keener consciousness of the changes that need to be made.

Shiatsu massage

In the Western world, ailments are often only treated selectively. When we have a headache, we take a pill for short-term relief. The cause of the pain is often ignored. Shiatsu offers a holistic treatment approach. The Japanese pressure point massage is about strengthening the life energy of a person, the so-called Qi with its three components. This includes the physical, psychological and mental wellbeing of the person. Qi is transported through the body via interconnected channels called meridians. If the flow of energy is blocked, this affects overall wellbeing. Through pressure point massage with highly trained hands, the blockages can be released and the energy can flow freely through the body again. Shiatsu (finger pressure) is therefore to be understood as a blockage remover and energy provider. Guests can try out the soothing and energising effect of such a treatment at the Mountain Ashram Spa of the CERVO Mountain Resort. The OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel on Tenerife is also convinced of the strong balancing effect of massage along the meridians and offers therapeutic shiatsu treatments.

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is very popular on the high plateau above the Moselle near Bernkastel-Kues. The Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten is located here and has its own TCM clinic. TCM advocates holistic health care that affects the mind, body and soul. A philosophy that corresponds to the sustainable and holistic thinking of the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten and is reflected in its in-house TCM by Kurfürst concept: “A symbiosis of Chinese traditional and modern, holistic and profound medicine. Based on complex knowledge of different Chinese teachings and years of treatment work.” TCM therapy at Zum Kurfürsten is made up of various components: Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Tuina massages, nutritional adjustments, herbal therapy and in-depth advice on healthy living. Arrangements such as the ‘TCM – Work-Life-Balance’ or the TCM cure ‘No Smoker’ combine TCM treatments with the amenities of the 4*Wellness-Resort.

Thai & Far Eastern health treatments

The Keemala in Phuket is devoted exclusively to Thai culture and lifestyle. Thai and other Far Eastern treatment techniques are also used in the spa of the eco-resort. These include massage therapies such as the Chinese Chi Nei Tsang, which uses deep and gentle massage of the abdominal area to activate and improve the function of the internal organs, or Reiki, a beautiful and effective method of energy healing that rebalances and rejuvenates body, mind and soul. In “Integrative Thai Bodywork”, guests work closely with an experienced Thai holistic therapist who combines customised elements of traditional Thai massage, Tok Sen tapping massage and hot herbal compresses. A deeply healing yet energising experience.

Whether it’s a fasting regimen with a view of the Atlantic, singing bowl relaxation in the Alps or Thai massage delights in the tropical nature of Thailand. The therapy offers of the Green Pearls® partners are the perfect way combine discovering beautiful holiday destinations, alleviating ailments and doing something good for body and soul.

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