A journey of culinary discovery Amaya Food Gallery, Amari Watergate Bangkok


Amaya Food Gallery, a newly conceptualised all-day restaurant showcasing fresh Asian and international produce in an all-new contemporary and hip dining environment. The brand new restaurant takes diners on a journey of culinary discovery in a vibrant and energetic space incorporating eight different experiences in one lively market-style venue. The series of show kitchens and demonstration stations is complemented by eclectic décor and textural details such as corrugated iron panels, traditional teak balustrades, vintage movie posters and exposed brick walls.

The sharing of food with friends and family is an important part of Asian culture. Amaya Food Gallery celebrates Asian cuisine with multiple show kitchens, a wine cellar and a bar. Amaya food Gallery is an all-day dinging concept, combining local and international food offerings. A variety of live cooking stations, fresh smell of ingredients and the direct interaction between Chef and guest.

Represent “food from streets”, with Asian food at the heart and captures the rich colours, different textures and lively atmospheres. The menu at Amaya takes its inspiration from the street food of Asia, complemented by a separate Italian section. With show kitchens dedicated to specialities from Thailand, Southeast Asia, India and Italy, Amaya Food Gallery invites diners to share and savour the diverse flavours in a fun street market setting.

The Amaya Food Gallery experiences include:

Amaya Thai & Neighbours

Features local delights with the spicy flavours that make Thai cuisine an all-time worldwide favourite. Other popular trademark dishes from neighbouring countries are also available to enhance the diversity, combine all of the beloved dishes of the region to provide guests with the experience of Modern Asia.

Signature appetisers include a choice of pork, chicken or beef satays, with three portion varieties depending on your company, and the all-time Thai classic, Som Tam, which is a staple of Thai cuisine. Highlights feature the simple, yet timeless dishes, such as Wok-fried Rice and Phad Thai with oodles and noodles to share.

Amaya Grill

Amaya Grill takes this basic cooking technique to a whole new level with a diversity of options,  provides a selection of seafood items, such as blue river prawns, rock lobster, sumptuous scallops and much more while also offering a range of imported beef, poultry, lamb and pork. The chefs freshly grill your choices of meat to be served at your table. All grilled dishes are served with three sauces of zesty Asian and buttery Western options. Amaya Grill allow you to fuse the quality meat of your choice with any of the sauces from the different continents around the world.

Amaya Indian

Serving up authentic dishes with the rich curries and breads that define Indian Cuisine, Amaya Indian boasts a delicious menu of fulfilling and rich flavours that cleverly blend different spices with attention and care.With a large range of appetisers featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian tandoori kebabs, Amaya Indian serves up a mouth-watering spread of vegetarian curries, rice dishes, Indian breads with Mughlai Chicken Bhartha and Paneer with your choice of gravy from Makhni, Lababdar, to Palak as our highlights. Sharing platters include Bread Katori and our large selection of naan, paratha, kulcha and roti to be enjoyed either as a vegetarian meal or with Halal-certified meats.

Amaya Italian

Although not typically part of Asian cuisine, Italian is an all-time favourite for those who seek to indulge in some comfort food. Keeping true to the fun street market setting of Amaya Food Gallery, the Italian station strives to portray the simple life of Italian cuisine with basic and authentic delights.

Starting with simple appetisers, such as Carpaccio to freshly prepared pasta, you can then opt for your choice of penne, fusilli, linguini, spaghetti, or even chilli spaghetti, with a range of customisable sauces, including bolognaise, Pomodoro, mushroom, carbonara, frutti di mare, aglio e olio, or pesto. You could even request for a pasta platter to share amongst friends and family. Maintaining Amaya Food Gallery’s concept of the street food of Asia, Amaya Italian also adds a kiss of Asian flavour to the dishes with spicy pizzas.

Amaya Deli

There is no better word than diversity to describe all that Amaya Deli has to offer. From cold appetisers, including Japanese specials such as Sushi and Sashimi, to Western classics that feature several types of bread and a diverse choice of cheeses. The main attraction of the Amaya Deli is the seafood on ice featuring river prawns, crabs, rock lobsters, fresh oysters, sea bass and New Zealand mussels. Japanese boats and chilled seafood platters can also be arranged to share amongst your friends and family.

Amaya Treats

Desserts are an indispensable way to end a satisfying meal. Amaya Treats serves a variety of delectable desserts from around the world, all colourfully displayed for the guest’s ultimate indulgence. A signature feature offered by our dessert pavilion is a large selection of shaved ice treats. These Ice Kacangs come in 40 varieties, including pandan vermicelli, mock pomegranate seed, gingko nut, and lotus roots as highlights, along with toppings of multiple flavours, a rotating selection of traditional Thai treats, seasonal fruits, and an international selection of cakes. Amaya Treats provides a balance of sweet flavours from both Asia and the West to give you the variety you seek when dining at Amaya Food Gallery.

Amaya Bar & Cellar

Amaya Bar & Cellar houses a library of rich wines from both the old and the new worlds, and provides traditional options from France, Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as contemporary selections from South America and Australia. The Amaya Wine Cellar is part of the private dining room that can accommodate intimate dinners and gatherings of up to 20 persons.

The Amaya Bar, is part of the Amaya main theatre, where guests who order drinks get the satisfaction of seeing our bartenders mix their drinks on the spot. The concept of cocktials & mocktials is Asian Calling which is related to Amaya Food Gallery concept, offering the typical cocktails and mocktails you could find anywhere else. Mostly ingredients are from local organic herbs such as chilli, pineapple, rose apple, Thai candy floss and ect.  Also available are sharing cocktails, such as the signature “Arts & Crafts” and after shock.

Thoughtfully designed and created especially to facilitate the sharing of unique encounters with companions new and old, the modular and flexible layout of Amaya Food Gallery allows certain sections to be closed off, making it a unique option for creative celebrations and events.

Amaya Food Gallery at Amari Watergate Bangkok will be open daily from 12:00 to 22:30 with breakfast served from 6:00 to 10:30 and all-day à la carte dining from 12:00 to 22:30. For more details, visit

http://www.amari.com/watergate or contact fbcoordinator.watergate@amari.com or +66 (0)2 653 9000.