Chef Carlo shares healthy dish for cooking at home in new online video


Executive Chef Carlo Valenziano has been demonstrating how to prepare a simple home-cooked dish during the extended COVID-19 lockdown. Carlo’s spinach with garlic, onsen egg and Hollandaise sauce is a healthy option for lunch and dinner. In a separate video, Director of Food and Beverage Jakob Yamac suggests an ice-cold-brewed Moroccan tea and a vegan Greek frappé as two refreshing drinks options to beat the intense summer heat.

Spinach with garlic, onsen egg and Hollandaise sauce – by Executive Chef Carlo Valenziano


Onsen egg:    1 egg

Hollandaise sauce:

10                    egg yolks

200 grams       butter

20 grams         lemon juice

20 grams         shallot vinegar

6 grams           salt

 Spinach with garlic:

120 grams       fresh baby spinach

10 grams         extra virgin olive oil

1 clove            garlic

1 piece                        chilli

1 pinch                        salt


5 grams           fried garlic

5 grams           crispy chili

1                      lemon


Onsen egg:

Cook a chicken egg at 62° C (143° F) for 60 minutes in a water bath and then set aside.

Hollandaise sauce:

– Mix all the ingredients into a vacuum bag, seal it and cook it in a water bath at 65° C (149° F) for 30 minutes.

– Mix the contents of the bag well and pour them inside the syphon.

– Add 2 cartridges of gas and keep it warm on the side.

Alternative option:

– Melt the butter over medium heat.

– In a bowl, mix the ingredients and then place them in a water bath.

– Whip the eggs and vinegar until foamy, then slowly add the melted butter until the sauce becomes smooth and silky.

– Keep it warm inside a thermos flask.

Spinach with garlic:

– Heat the oil in a pan with the garlic and chilli.

– Once the garlic has slightly coloured, add the spinach and salt and then strain it to lose the excess water.


– Start forming a net with the cooked spinach in the middle of a plate, top it with the onsen egg and then cover it with a generous portion of Hollandaise sauce.

– Finish the plate with fried garlic and crispy chilli.

Drink 1: Ice-cold-brewed Moroccan tea – by Director of Food and Beverage Jakob Yamac


750 ml                         jar

700 ml                         cold or room filtered water

4 large spoons             Moroccan mint tea or green tea (loose)

1 large spoon             acacia honey

half                              lemon

1                                  handful fresh mint 


– Combine loose leaf tea and water in a jar and let the tea infuse in the water for 12-15 hours in the refrigerator.

– Strain into another jar afterwards to remove leaves.

– Pour honey into the cold-brewed tea.

– Squeeze half a lemon.

– Add the fresh mint.

– Add cubed ice and stir all ingredients for 30 seconds.

– Pour into glasses (add infused ice from the jar instead of fresh ice).

– Garnish with a mint sprig 

Drink 2:

Vegan Greek frappé – by Director of Food and Beverage Jakob Yamac


200 ml             glass

150 ml             almond milk

3.5                   tablespoons instant coffee powder

20 ml               hot water

3                      tablespoons brown sugar

1/4                   demitasse spoon cinnamon powder

1/4                   demitasse spoon cardamom powder

1/4                   demitasse spoon salt

1                      dairy-free dark chocolate bar 


– In a large mixing bowl, add coffee, sugar, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, salt and hot water.

– By hand, using a round whisk, first mix the coffee, sugar and water until everything has melted. Then start whisking. It should form a stiff peak after approximately 2 minutes and 30-40 seconds (or whisk about 400 times).

– Importantly, use a large mixing bowl (having enough space for your whisk to whip air in) and around whisk.

– Fill 150 ml or 2/3 of a glass with almond milk and add ice cubes.

– Spoon the whipped coffee and add it to the top of the glass.

– Sprinkle dairy-free dark chocolate on top.

Mr. Jakob Yamac