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2019 BRANDNEW Art Project

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Inside out! Outside in! Flipping between space and site of the exhibition, and traversing the urban condition and otherwise. Artworks reversing and inversing our notion of space, place, material, and perception, encompassing the peripheral in the urban environment, and beyond!

The BRANDNEW Art Project 2019 exhibitions organised by the Bangkok University Gallery (BUG) will begin from mid of August to October.  Featuring new or recent works by six artists with their first solo exhibitions to be held at the BUG and three distinguished collaborating art spaces for a different period of time.

The solo exhibitions of Kornthanat Pipat and Sornrapat Patharakorn will open on August 17th at the Bangkok University Gallery (BUG) with the curator talk by Malaysian artist-curator Yap Sau Bin. This is followed by the opening of Yanakorn Sinvatcharaporn at Nova Contemporary on August 18th.  And on August 24th, a triple opening for Kanya Jankonghom at the CASE Space Revolution, with Lalita Singkhampuk and Pannawat Muangmoon at the WTF Gallery.

These six exhibitions feature a diverse practice which includes site- and schedule- specific installation, production of images with paintings, photography, found objects or remnants of constructions, a documentary process with video and writings, sculptural work and some unexpected sensorial experience amongst them.

The artworks explore and manifest the gap and differences between materiality and the multifaceted experience of everyday life, of site and places, time, routines, with various physical manifestations. They dwell into the encountering of one state of mind, or a human being with one another and question the (im)possibility of human connection and in relating with each other.

They tell us stories, stories about space and places, time and shifts, change and exchanges. These stories are the ebb and flow in space and time, play out with human encounters. There are stories of the city, its urban condition. There are also stories from outside, away from the city, and coming to the city, always not arriving yet lingering. And story about people, of daily living, working, dreaming, remembering and encountering our differences with each other, and seeking to bridge these gaps between us. We will find these themes explored in some individual artwork and at times overlapped or echoing with each other.

BRANDNEW Art Project invites the visitors to engage with these artworks within the context of their making, and as exhibitions in relation to each other as points and counterpoints, and finally, in relation to the spaces they are featured in.

Schedule of BRANDNEW 2019 Art Project

Curator: Yap Sau Bin

Artists: Kanya Jankonghom, Kornthanat Pipat, Yanakorn Sinvatcharaporn, Pannawat Muangmoon, Lalita Singkhampuk and Sornrapat Patharakorn

Saturday 17 August 2019 at Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), City Campus

3.30 PM Registration

4PM      Curator & Artists’ Talk

6PM      Opening Reception

Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), City Campus
17 August – 11 October 2019

Artists:   Kornthanat Pipat

Sornrapat Patharakorn

NOVA Contemporary

18-31 August 2019

Artist:    Yanakorn Sinvatcharaporn

Opening Reception: Sunday 18 August 2019, 6PM

CASE Space Revolution

24 August – 22 September 2019

Artist:    Kanya Jankonghom

Opening Reception:  Saturday 24 August 2019, 6PM

WTF Gallery

24 August – 20 September 2019

Artists:   Pannawat Muangmoon

Lalita Singkhampuk

Opening Reception:  Saturday 24 August 2019, 7PM

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