Bilibili Congratulates ‘Boom’, Thailand’s First Winner of ‘The Star Idol’ Talent Competition

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Bilibili congratulates ‘Boom-Saharat Tiempan’—Contestant Number 7—in becoming Thailand’ first winner of ‘The Star Idol’ talent competition.

As part of Bilibili’s efforts to enrich the everyday life of young people, the streaming platform partnered with ‘One 31’ channel, the show creator of ‘The Star Idol’. You can watch free reruns of the popular variety show on the Bilibili application. And stay tuned for a final blast of fun with an exclusive mini-concert, brought to you by Bilibili and ‘The Star Idol’

In the final round of the contest, Boom enthralled fans with a challenging and touching rendition of ‘Ploi’ (Let it go) by ‘Pop-Pongkool’ with a new orchestral arrangement. His exceptional delivery drew tears, impressing director and producer ‘Boy-Takonkiet Viravan’, and finally won over the panel of judges along with his loyal fans. Bilibili also congratulates ‘Poom-Phongrachata Chaisiwamongkol’, runner-up of the contest, who swept the audience away in the finale with his vibrant and energetic reinterpretation of ‘Konhin Lamoe’, from the original by ‘Soul After Six’, which brought a smile to all.

To the contestants, ‘The Star Idol’ competition had been fun and challenging in equal measures. For starters, the eventual qualifiers were up against many tens of thousands of applicants, before having to battle through the audition rounds, then subsequently the weekly qualifying rounds which spanned the past four months. The show’s ‘Idols’ embraced many creative challenges; this included dance songs, duets with original artists, TV drama theme music, and ‘one hundred-million views’ top hits. It all culminated in the finale where two finalists went up against each other: ‘Poom-Phongrachata Chaisiwamongkol’—a young musician hailing from Isan, whose love lies in singing and composing, and ‘Boom-Saharat Tiempan’—whose guileless charm and love for singing, dancing and music-making captured the nation’s heart through many rounds of challenges which he met with great determination.

Here are some little-known facts about the 17-year-old Boom, who has just become Thailand’s very first ‘The Star Idol’ winner. For years, Boom ventured down various creative paths to fulfil his dream of becoming a music artist, an ambition which was in part a desire to support his family’s finances, coupled with his personal inspiration driven by Thai superstar ‘Bird-Thongchai’ with whom he once shared a stage. Boom dreamt of following in his idol’s footsteps, and chased that dream through many talent competitions, from school contests to national stages such as ‘The Voice Kids Thailand’. He gradually built his persona, stacked up one experience after another, and it is thanks to those years of hard work that Boom has now won the love of Thai fans to become an ‘Idol’ in his own right.

Last Sunday’s finale also featured a dazzling host of performers. This included six other ‘The Star Idol’ contestants: Korn, Earnearn, O, Pim, Copper and Maddoc, who teamed up with past generations of ‘The Star’ idols: Ruj, Tono, Frame, Gun, Dome, Gam, Ritz and Tum, in electrifying collaborations that propelled the show’s excitement to its height. The contest’s charming MC ‘Krist Peraw’ set the stage aflame with a thrilling rap show alongside ‘Nont-Tanont’. The panel of judges also showcased their mastery, with highlights including ‘Num-Noppasin’ and ‘Lydia-Sarunrat’, who not only delivered fiery verdicts to the contestants, but also took to the stage and put on a great show, much to the audience’s delight. With all forces uniting, the finale catered brilliant, star-studded performances for the enjoyment of fans who followed the show from the start.

While the final contest marked the end of the competition, fans of the show can still watch reruns of ‘The Star Idol’ and ‘The Star Idol Daily’ to their hearts’ content, with every episode now available on the Bilibili application. Users can post comments and congratulate Poom and Boom for their brilliant performances in the finale, using the application’s bullet chat feature that allows real-time commenting. Coming soon to send off this season’s entertainment is an exclusive mini-concert, catered by Bilibili and ‘The Star Idol’. Stay tuned and get the latest: follow Bilibili on Facebook and Instagram. Download the Bilibili application for free today via Google Play and App Store.

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