Heritage Group launches “Heritage Jar” Offering three popular nuts in the newproduct series


Heritage Group, Thailand’s leading premium natural food and beverage producer introduces Heritage Jar, new product series of three popular nuts from Heritage Brand which are almonds, cashews, and macadamias under the concept of Maximizing Nature’s Nutrients. The premium nuts have been developed to maintain all the natural nutrients, locked in the convenient and easy-to-grab size plastic jar. Heritage New Series is available in two categories; toasted unsalted and steam pasteurized. There are six different types; Toasted Unsalted Sliced Almonds in size 230g at 219 baht, Steam Pasteurized Almonds 250g at 219 baht, Toasted Unsalted Split Cashews 250g at 219 baht, Steam Pasteurized Cashews 250g at 219 baht, Toasted Unsalted Macadamias 250g at 390 baht, and Steam Pasteurized Macadamias 250g at 390 baht.

Heritage Jar is now available at Foodland Supermarket and online shopping at Line Official @Heritagethailand For further information, please contact 02-813-0954-5 or follow activities on www.heritagethailand.com and www.facebook.com/Heritagegroupth