Lotion for naturally beautiful breasts and a smoother cleavage


Breasts are always seen as a central point in the art of seduction.

To feel more attractive and confident, many women opt for surgery.

Biotulin has successfully developed an active ingredient combination that quickly provides a visible lifting effect and makes the breasts appear firmer. Hans & Franz is the cosmetic solution for enlarging the breast volume and tightening the tissue without the need for surgical intervention.

Hans & Franz also nourishes and moisturises the skin.

In an independent efficacy study, 75 percent of the test subjects noticed a significant visible effect after only 27 days of use. After 56 days of use, this increased to 100 percent.

But what exactly is the secret of Hans & Franz? It is the combination of an amino acid derived from plant starch using biotechnology and spilanthol, a plant-based local anesthetic.

This unique combination of active ingredients makes Hans & Franz an innovative cosmetic product.

Hans & Franz lotion can help you to achieve beautiful breasts, elastic skin, and a smoother cleavage.

Of course, Hans & Franz is 100 percent free of hormones and microplastics.