Molfix releases new TV commercial featuring Sririta and Gavin, portraying the love story of a mother and her son

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For an actress, when the role in the production comes to a close, there is a satisfactory conclusion to proceedings; but when it comes to real life, there is another crucial job that never ends, and that is being a “mother” – one word that came to transform life and the perspective of love, as well as many other aspects of life for talented actress Ms. Sririta Jensen Narongdej.

She is known for ably conveying the impression and experiences in the role of being a mother, and that it is a great responsibility. She spends a great deal of time bonding and enjoying the happiness of every moment, and now she is spending even more time with her son “Gavin” via a TV commercial for Molfix, a world-class brand of disposable baby diapers, as Thailand’s first brand ambassador.

The Molfix commercial portrays the story of love and warmth that develops between a new mother and her baby, using Molfix as a medium to reflect the love and care that a mother has for her baby. Sririta represents new mothers who are meticulous in taking care of their baby and always choose the best products – and so Molfix baby diapers are a symbol of Sririta’s love for Nong Gavin. The diapers allow for smooth and comfortable movement while the child is sleeping or playing, helping to promote Gavin’s development as well as the good mental health of mother and child, and strengthening their relationship…

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