MUJI’s major move in fashion with launch of new weather-adapted collection Trendy designs at affordable prices, made to Japanese quality standards

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MUJI Thailand is once again making a stir in the world of wearables and fashion trends, with the launch of a new ready-to-wear collection, MUJI New Collection.

It has been designed specifically for the region which includes Thailand. The outstanding features of this apparel are greater adaptation to local weather and a wider range of designs to better meet the lifestyle needs of Thai customers. The clothes retain the unmistakable brand identity of MUJI, which is Japanese-standard quality at affordable prices. The company also remains committed to driving its business with sustainability, by manufacturing products from fibers which are friendly to the environment, covering every category of fashion product. These include men’s wear and ladies’ wear, MUJI Walker, a range of UV-resistant fast-drying clothing, and Homewear, a line of casuals. These underline that MUJI is clothing for everyone, for everyday wear. MUJI New Collection is being launched alongside the Autumn/Winter collection 2022 at every MUJI store from 26 August 2022 onwards.

Mr. Akihiro Kamogari, Managing Director of MUJI RETAIL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. commented that MUJI Is fully entering the apparel market with a target to expand its customer base on the proposition of clothing that anyone can wear comfortably on any day. The company is reaching its target audience with affordable prices, while retaining the quality which is MUJI’s hallmark. With the MUJI New Collection, MUJI has designed an exclusive special collection to meet the needs of regional customers for the first time, including Thais. The clothes have been improved to cope with local climate, and the designs have tweaked to be more formal, with the texture of the cloth itself promoting formality. The main fiber chosen is Organic cotton and Lyocell –a new alternative for sustainability made from high-technology Eucalyptus pulp with environmental-friendly production process. Cloth texture is smooth, durable, and best air flowable allowing comfortable wearing, cold touching which is suitable for warm weather.

MUJI New Collection will be manufactured and sold alongside MUJI’s Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection. On the same racks as clothing for warmth during the winter, this new collection focuses on designs appropriate for everyday wear in Thailand.

As for marketing communication strategy, it is the first time for MUJI to use a wider range of marketing tools with the goal of building awareness. This includes famous influencers and YouTubers to create online awareness. There is also a focus on communicating with new target groups. Going forward, MUJI will continue with integrated marketing tools on every platform to expand awareness of MUJI’s clothing products into new target segments.

“For this new collection, we have revamped the designs to better match weather, culture and trends at the regional level. For instance, shorts have been made shorter. Previously, MUJI stocked mostly casual clothing, so designs have now been adjusted in this new collection to be more formal. They can be worn for work or attending social functions. As well as improving both designs and fabrics, prices have also been adjusted downward while retaining quality to MUJI standards. It is a new start for MUJI in terms of providing customers with care drawn from insight into their behavior. The company is manufacturing products which better meet customers’ needs. It is underlining that fashion products on sale in MUJI are clothing for every person, which can be worn in comfort every day,” said Mr Kamogari.

The new MUJI collection comprises apparel in four segments: Men’s Wear, Ladies’ Wear and MUJI Walker, a range of UV-resistant fast-drying clothing designed for urban exercise, which is suitable for everyday wear and travelling on vacation, with no need to pack any extra equipment or specialized garments. Finally, Homewear is a range of nightwear and casuals for wearing around the house or going outside on a nice day. There is also an extensive range of children’s clothing.

MUJI is committed to its mission of sustainable business operations. MUJI does not only develop quality products which are friendly to the environment, but also aims to improve life with the concept of leveling up quality of life for communities. MUJI develops products by selecting quality environmentally-friendly raw materials, as well as local materials, and developing manufacturing processes. MUJI also gives priority to recycling, through simple packaging designs to reduce wastage of resources. MUJI wants to be a part of improving quality of life of communities and all people to be more sustainable.

Pick up the MUJI New Collection on sale alongside the Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection at every MUJI store from 26 August 2022 onward. For more information about the MUJI New Collection and A/W 2022, see Facebook: MUJI Thailand, Instagram: MUJI_Thailand and Line Official @MUJITHAILAND

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