New Look Heralds Global Foray of Bangkok Bootery’s Fashionable High-Quality Exotics

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Bangkok Bootery is looking forward to expanding its global presence, offering an eight-decade tradition of superb craftsmanship in an incredible range of exotic skins to connoisseurs beyond Thailand. As one of Thailand’s oldest manufacturers and retailers of exotic and leather products, Bangkok Bootery continues to grow and advance, focusing on offering the finest bespoke and designer leather bags, footwear, and accessories to the globe.

“The new logo is more than a new design; it represents Bangkok Bootery’s forward momentum into the global market,” explains Khun Jiratot Tiranut, Managing Director of Bangkok Bootery. “We may be an 80-year old company, but we are by no means old-fashioned. Our years of experience ensures the highest quality workmanship, but we have a catalogue of elegant, modern designs that will enhance stylish haute couture as well as trendy fast fashion.”

Established in 1937, Bangkok Bootery has been a family-run business for eight decades, through four generations of the Tiranut family. Khun Jiratot grew up in the business, working at the stores and helping in the factories, developing a deep understanding and appreciation for the business acumen and the skilled artisans at the heart of Bangkok Bootery’s success.

The first Bangkok Bootery store opened on Rajawongse Road, producing first only shoes made from cow leather. Upon taking on the brand name “Fa”, meaning “prosperous” in Chinese, opening a branch on Tanao Road, and adding its “Thai Likhit” brand, Bangkok Bootery expanded its product line to belts, handbags, and other accessories. Quickly soon after, Bangkok Bootery opened in Udon Thani where it received the contract to provide shoes for the US military presence leading to Bangkok Bootery opening stores all over Thailand. Then, in 1970, Bangkok Bootery further expanded its presence in Bangkok, confirming the brand as a high-quality producer among connoisseurs.

“I was learning from the store staff and with the artisans even when I was playing as a kid – they all taught me their tricks and tips,” explains Khun Jiratot. “Now I can tell with just a glance if a product is badly constructed or poorly dyed, no matter the type of skin. Even if the design is fantastic, the slightest blemish will ruin the product. That’s why we rely on skilled artisans, not machines, for each and every item.”

With Khun Jiratot at the helm, Bangkok Bootery continues to solidify a reputation for the highest quality leather goods that are also available in the most exotic skins in a glorious array of colors. Skilled craftsmen fashion every item by hand for perfect fits from custom-made boots to smartphone covers. And he wants to take Bangkok Bootery global. “Through foreign visitors to Thailand, Bangkok Bootery already has quite a worldwide clientele, and now we want to take our exotic offerings abroad, through our website and international partnerships.”

With its most recent opening at the landmark ICONSIAM, Bangkok Bootery placed itself in the center of Thailand’s newest retail and fashion hub, which has received international acclaim, so that Bangkok Bootery will draw the attention of aficionados of exotic and leather goods from around the globe with its masterfully crafted exotic elegance.

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