ShuShu’s Time — First Thai Music Video Created Especially for Kids

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ShuShu, a Thai girl band with fun songs for kids, is launching a promo campaign for its first single, “It’s ShuShu Time”. The single, now available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music has been written and recorded especially for Thai children aged 5-12.

The idea of targeting this particular age group came to Kevin Roten, a Belgian native living in Bangkok, who realised there was hardly any music produced for children in Thailand. His dream resonated with Jan Decombele, a legendary children’s music producer with more than 15 years of experience. Decombele, who became ShuShu’s producer, has been working in both Belgium and Holland for kid’s TV channels and developing content for children series and live shows. Together with Pimluk Vessawasdi (Mai), The X Factor semi-finalist, singer and performer, who became ShuShu’s coordinator and bandleader, they crystallised the concept and formed the band. Mai also accidentally came up with the name for the group when she hung up the phone with the words “ShuShu talk soon”.

Currently, the band’s line up is composed of three young Thai girls: Earn 1, Earn 2 and Pearl. All of them studied music and performance arts at universities in Bangkok and joined ShuShu after auditions. The band’s main focus now is songs and music videos, but plans have been made to go into musicals, movies and TV shows.

“We want to create something that Thai kids will love”, said Kevin Roten. “Now when the first single is released, we are anxious to see our audience’s reaction. We intend to learn from the feedback and improve our content. It is an intriguing task. We are stepping into a new territory where almost no-one has been before. We do not have any reference points, there are no Thai bands for children, so, naturally, we are explorers in this world. It is a challenge, but also a huge responsibility — to create music which will make kids happy.”

“Putting a smile on a kid’s face with the work you’ve done is the best feeling in the world,” adds Jan Decombele, ShuShu’s producer.

To listen to ShuShu’s first song, “It’s ShuShu Time”, please follow the links below:




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