“Stay hydrated with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze®” new health-promoting message to keep cool in Thailand’s hot season

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Blue Diamond Growers, a US-based almond-growing agricultural cooperative based in Sacramento, in California, is helping everyone to keep refreshed in tropical Thailand as the temperatures soar over 2020’s hot season. “Stay hydrated with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze®” is their new message, promoting a healthy approach to the summer with its thirst-quenching range of almond milk drinks.Thermometers have hit record highs in recent years, reaching 43.5°C in Lampang Province last April, and even 44.3°C (over 111°F) in Sukhothai Province in 2016. Added to this is high humidity making the hot weather feel even hotter. Studies show that thousands of people in the country suffer with heat-related illness each year, with April being one of the peak months, and that this has affected close to 50% more women than men. Fluids lost through perspiration need to be replenished, with the body made up of 60% water and the brain consisting of 85% water. Signs of dehydration include dry skin that can be feel itchy, inflamed and sensitive, headaches and dizziness, plus muscle cramps, fatigue and listlessness, rapid and shallow breathing and feeling faint or even passing out.

The advice is to drink around eight glasses of water a day to stay refreshed. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® is a delicious way to keep the body hydrated and functioning well. Made in Thailand using the best Californian almonds, it is rich in Vitamin E which nourish the skin, and is a good source of calcium. It is also dairy-free, with no cholesterol and low in sugar and calories, allowing for delicious refreshment without worry.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® is available in six flavors: Original, Unsweetened (with just 25kcal), Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha and Latte; retailing at THB 20 for a 180ml carton and THB 99 for a 946ml carton at convenience stores and supermarkets all across Thailand all summer long.

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