Tigerplast MaskShield+: Latest Item from Tigerplast for Your New Normal Lifestyle


Now that the lockdown has been lifted, it’s possible to go back to work or school again. However, many are still concerned about going out because, as it appears, the pandemic is far from over. Therefore, it is necessary to protect ourselves and keep our guard up despite the lifting of lockdown measures.

As an expert on consumer healthcare products, Tigerplast is introducing a new item: Tigerplast MaskShield+, a spray that enhances the filtration efficiency of cloth face masks, using the Shield+ innovation, which helps repel dust particles and viruses as well as filter out pathogens and PM 2.5. With this spray, everyone can go out and live the “new normal” lifestyle confidently and without worries.

Although cloth face masks have become a common sight nowadays, not all types of fabric can offer the level of protection that you need. Therefore, CU Innovation Hub has created an innovation that enhances the efficiency of cloth face masks, which has ultimately led to the development of Tigerplast MaskShield+, a spray that can improve the filtration performance of cloth face masks. Its properties are as follows.

1. 142% improved airborne pathogen filtration

2. 83% improved dust particle filtration

3. Dust particle and virus repulsion

As a quality consumer healthcare products brand that caters to the needs of modern lifestyles, Tigerplast has been trusted by CU Innovation Hub to develop its Shield+ technology: Protection Spray into Tigerplast MaskShield+. Once the product is sprayed on a cloth face mask, the Shield+ Technology will increase the bonds between the fabric fibers, making the mask repellent to dust particles and viruses.

In addition to increasing filtration efficiency, Tigerplast MaskShield+ contains a substance that alters the electric charge of a cloth face mask into the same charge as that of dust and viruses. As like charges repel each other, these airborne particulate matter and pathogens are pushed away and prevented from landing on the outer surface of the mask. Furthermore, the spray is easy to carry around and use.

Those concerned about toxic chemicals can also rest easy. That’s because this product features polymers that are safe to the respiratory system, allowing you to breathe easy, quite literally, after Tigerplast MaskShield+ is sprayed on your mask, which makes it an innovative product that not only keeps you safe from germs but also enables you to go out and live your life confidently.

Tigerplast MaskShield+ is perfect for general users and is available in 30 ml size at THB 69 (12 applications) and in 100 ml size at THB 129 (40 applications).

Tigerplast MaskShield+ is available for purchase online at Lazada, Shopee, and JD Central as well as at pharmacies and stores nationwide. You can follow Tigerplast’s activities at https://www.facebook.com/tigerplast.th/ and www.tigerplast.com.