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Top Five Tips for Online Sports Betting when Abroad

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Smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices have made our lives easier in so many ways. For example, we can go on with our daily businesses and enjoy our leisure time on the go. Some people enjoy playing online games while on holiday, while others want to bet.

Sports betting is regulated by authorities in different geolocations, making it a sensitive subject. If you’re traveling abroad but still want to enjoy your favourite activity, here are five smart tips to keep you going.

#1. Identify the best bookmaker for betting abroad

Chances are, not all betting sites will be authorized to run in the country you are visiting. Yet, you do not want to miss the chance of winning by doing what you love doing. Top betting brands enjoy a broader coverage, among many other advantages, so it is advisable to take time to look for the best bookmaker. An excellent example with a broader global appeal is Betway88, which is represented across several countries globally.

Also, go through important details like payment and withdrawal methods to ascertain that your situation is well covered. Different countries authorize different payment modes, so you must look for the site with the most options.

#2. Go through the rules of betting when abroad

Rules governing sports betting vary from one region to another. Some countries have stringent regulations, while others are either too lenient or unregulated. Betting in the country you’re visiting could be regulated, unregulated, legal, or illegal. Find out if you can still access your betting account when in a different country before making any deposits. If betting is entirely illegal in the area you’re staying; then it means there is no way you can bet.

If it is a regulated area, take your time to understand what is required of you and what you should do to stay within the law. To make it easier for you, the Betway88 app could be your best partner.

#3. Avoid using Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN is a technology used to hide user IP address. It allows you to visit sites that are restricted within your geographical location without getting discovered. There are so many countries that are yet to legalize betting, or rather to allow certain betting sites to operate within their borders. To counter that, most people use VPNs to access these sites.

It is illegal to use VPNs as it contravenes the terms and conditions set by a bookmaker. Once a bookie discovers that you’re using a VPN, they hold the right to close your account indefinitely. No warnings are given in such situations, meaning that if you had money inside your online account, it goes with the account, and there is no way you can claim it. When betting from abroad, use a VPN at your own risk.

#4. Taxes

Instead of banning betting, some countries opt to increase the amount of taxes they charge operators. These operators are usually charged indirectly for their profits, so they also pass it to users. Tax directly impact the amount you’re likely to win; therefore, ensure that you’re well aware of how much tax percentage you are entitled to pay before placing bets.

#5. Ask around

If you cannot find adequate information online, it is good to seek advice from people around you. Seek their opinion on the best betting platform to use in their country and make the final decision. For example, there are so many factors to consider: find out the sportsbook with the best odds and richest markets around. Betway88 leads the way in terms of high-quality odds and markets on a variety of sports and eSports.

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