Bangkok Launches City’s First Modular ICU at Ratchapipat Hospital


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has opened the city’s first modular ICU, at Ratchapipat Hospital in Thawi Wattana district, for treatment of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms and who require respirators.

The building of the modular ICU is supported by Siam Cement Group (SCG), with the aim to increase hospital ICU rooms equipped with an air pressure system, which will reduce the spread of the virus and other germs to other parts of the hospital.

The BMA and SCG aim to build four modular ICUs at the hospital, with a capacity of 10 beds each, before the end of July at a total cost of THB43.6 million (THB10.9 million per unit). SCG has donated THB33 million to this project.

According to the BMA, Ratchapipat Hospital is also capable of treating up to 100 patients who display low to moderate symptoms, but have underlying health problems which require close monitoring.