AEON Thailand Foundation supports education by provide modern books and learning materials to Kanchanaphisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom School (Pratamnak Suankularb Matthayom)

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AEON Thailand Foundation led by Mr. Tsutomu Omodera (2nd from left), Managing Director of AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited provides computer sets, e-books and books under the project “Give A Book Give A Future” worth over 421,891 baht to Kanchanaphisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom School (Pratamnak Suankularb Matthayom).

The donation was received by Ms. Supranee Yooruek (2nd from right), Director of Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom School (Pratamnak Suankularb Matthayom). The “Give A Book Give A Future” project, has been organized with an awareness of the importance of education and to support learning facilities. The aim is to provide children and youth with equal opportunities to access quality modern learning resources in the digital age.

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