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Bangkok’s First Rooftop Modern Thai Restaurant TAAN Pushing Creative Boundaries of National Cuisine at Trendy Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok

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Bangkok’s trendy Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is opening one of the most eagerly-awaited modern Thai restaurants in the ‘City of Angels’.

Stylish TAAN is pioneering ‘hyper-local innovative Thai cuisine’ – inspired by freshest, high-quality, seasonal ingredients sourced from independent local farmers.

A boldly creative kitchen at Bangkok’s first rooftop Thai restaurant is at the same forging “exciting new directions” for one of the world’s most popular and delicious cuisines – “pushing the boundaries” of timeless recipes and cooking techniques with “unexpected combinations and creative presentation”.

“It’s a new way of experiencing Thai food – based on the context and memories of each specific region,” says Executive Chef Monthep Kamolsip. “That’s why we choose to cross the boundary between what’s considered right and wrong, rearranging the flavours in our own way to create something new.”

TAAN’s inspiration from finest and freshest local produce follows a quest to “peel back all the layers and explore the ingredients that have been the basis for Thai cuisine for centuries”.

The culinary team traveled from province to province, tasting dishes beloved of local communities, learning about the skills of local food artisans, and getting a glimpse into the local ways of life.

They discovered “so much about our own cuisine we don’t know or fully appreciate” – followed by months of experimentation “seeking out the finest local produce and combining ingredients in ways that are respectful of the past but which also hint at exciting new directions for Thai cuisine”.

TAAN’s ‘hyper-local innovative Thai cuisine’ honours the country’s most trusted food artisans with recognition on the menu of key ingredients alongside their region of origin – including the distance from Bangkok. A dish might star, for example, wild-caught squid from Samut Songkhram a little over 80 kilometers to the southwest; or organic, free-range pork from Nan province, almost 700 kilometers to the north.

While flavours and ingredients are distinctly Thai, fresh and chemical-free, dishes are also bursting with creativity.

While grounded by traditional roots, TAAN’s philosophy is that Thai cuisine should be dynamic and ever-evolving – exploring techniques that allow the ingredients to shine to their full potential, whether old recipes handed down from generation to generation, or newer advancements.

Traditional southern Thai turmeric fish, for example, is strictly line-caught, deep-fried with a coating of popped rice, with a dip of coconut cream curd and Thai eggplant, served with turmeric rice crackers.

Galangal Paste & Beef Offal is inspired by a trip to the north where locals only use aged galangal to make the accompanying pungent nam prik kha chili sauce. The braised offal is from Petchaburi grass-fed beef, glazed with crab sauce and sugar.

Organic Tapao-thong Chicken Massaman Curry highlights organic free-range chicken from Nakhon Pathom, which is rolled and sous-vide cooked for six hours. The massaman curry sauce is made from scratch in-house, and served with ajard to cut through the richness.

A twist on choo chee river prawns red curry showcases river prawns from Ranong with the unique addition of grilled eggplant wrapped in sweet basil, and a sauce of pureed grilled eggplant peel and palm sugar.

Even a go-to classics like pad kaprao are elevated with organic pork from Nan with southern-style mixed rice and fermented budu  fish puree, along with torched ginger, ‘holy’ red basil, acacia seed and lemon grass.

“At TAAN you can expect an innovative dining experience with spectacular panoramic views over Bangkok that challenges your perception of Thai food,” added Executive Chef Monthep Kamolsip.

“We hope to connect a new generation of adventurous diners with Thailand’s independent farmers on a menu that spotlights highest-quality local ingredients with creative cuisine unlike anything they have tried before.” Summarized by Mr. Ian Pirodon, General Manager of Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok

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