Mays Urban Thai Dine

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Originally opening in 2014 on the streets of Pattaya, Today’s MAYs Urban Thai Dine has restaurants located in four different locations across Asia; Pattaya Thailand, Bali Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. MAY’s Urban Thai Dine is the brainchild of former hotelier Maypreeya Cavin.

The concept of MAYs Urban Thai Dine is founded on four elements; taste, design, price, and vibe. Her cuisine highlights Thai flavors in a way that is welcome to everyone’s taste buds regardless of where they’re from. May defines her own food as a ‘Refined Thai Street Food’ and she believes that food needs to be ‘simple yet significant’.

Growing up on a farm, May has an affinity with nature, and this reflects on the design of MAYs Urban Thai Dine. No matter where on the planet one of her restaurants is located, it will have a contemporary Thai design punctuated with greenery to help create a cozy and warm atmosphere for the guests.

Despite MAYs Urban Thai Dine having already attained international recognition, being humble with prices and serving a fair portion is something the that May holds close to her heart; indeed this has been one of the four original pillars since the brand’s inception.

Having been in the hospitality industry herself, May believes that dining isn’t just about feeding the body. It’s also about feeding the soul. Guests should have a great experience through enjoying great food as well as great hospitality. That warm and welcome feeling is core to the whole vibe of MAY’s Urban Thai Dine.

The signature of MAYs Urban Thai Dine is May’s is the use of her selection of homemade curry pastes which are made by her personally. The pastes use hand-picked, fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Guests can be sure that everything about their dining experience will be top-notch.

“My philosophy in cooking is very simple. Be earnest! Be earnest to your customers and serve them the food they came for; quality food and quality service. We need to also be earnest to our brand and to what we believe in. This is why at MAYs Urban Thai Dine we have a lot of repeat guests; they know exactly what to expect from us” said Maypreeya Cavin.

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