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Ministry of Crab Sri Lanka, One of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Arrives in Bangkok


A world-class crab institution will sink its claws into the culinary capital of Asia when Ministry of Crab Sri Lanka opens in Bangkok this December.

Primely located in the central Sukhumvit area, Ministry of Crab Bangkok will offer a culinary celebration of Sri Lanka’s legendary mud crab and king prawn, widely considered some of the best seafood in the world.

The crabs are the undoubted stars of the show, ranging in size from Half-Kilo Crabs to 2kg ‘Crabzillas’ plated up in a variety of mouthwatering ways, from fiery Pepper Crab to the unique Garlic Chilli Crab and the succulent Baked Crab. Sri Lanka’s other renowned forms of seafood are also on offer, from amazing king prawns to clams and oysters.

The restaurant prides itself on crab that is only caught in the wild, not farmed. What’s more, Ministry of Crab promises only the best catch of the day—that means no small or meatless crabs with claws missing. Sourced from Thailand and neighbouring countries, including Sri Lanka, the seafood varieties are served in their absolute freshest
form thanks to a strict no-freezer policy.

In line with the restaurant’s philosophy, dishes that require crab meat are prepared by steaming the mud crabs, meaning no canned, artificial or frozen crab meat products are ever used.

“We are proud to be here in the capital of food in South East Asia, a city that’s exploding with flavours, scented with fresh spices and served with passion, dedication and Thai smiles,” said Chef Dharshan Munidasa. “The respect for ingredients is paramount in my kitchen and we bring the same no-freezer policy and the famous Sri Lankan crab to this city.”

Crustacean fans can enjoy Ministry of Crab’s signature dishes like Pepper Crab, in which the fresh crab is fused with the heat of hand-crushed peppercorns, whole peppercorns and pepper stock. Garlic Chilli Crab is a Ministry of Crab original that sees Mediterranean and Japanese food philosophies meet Sri Lankan crab through a blend of Italian olive oil, garlic, Sri Lankan chilli flakes and Japanese soy sauce. Try the Clay Pot Prawn Curry for half a kilo of two varieties of prawn served in a medley of delicate spices with cubed bread to mop up all the flavours. Creativity shines when it comes to dessert—order the Coconut Crème Brûlée, a tropical island twist on a French classic that’s baked to perfection in a coconut shell.

With its focus on world-famous seafood and signature Sri Lankan spices, Ministry of Crab will offer an authentic taste that both appeases and surprises Thai palates. Diners should expect a steadfast dedication to top-quality crustaceans, with no compromises on size or quality. Prices start from 2,000 baht ++ depending on the size of the crab.

The Sri Lankan institution arrives in Bangkok courtesy of Hungry Nomad, a company whose motive is to bring the flavours of the world to South East Asia, starting with Ministry of Crab Bangkok. The new opening promises guests a casual and spontaneous style of dining. Boasting a colonial-style setting that’s inspired by the Colombo flagship,
the two-storey restaurant welcomes guests on the ground floor with an open kitchen accompanied by seating for 30, while an upstairs bar welcomes another 56 guests.

The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday 6pm-11.30pm (last order at 10.45pm) and will open for lunch early in 2020.