Nan Tei Brings Modern Twist on Yakitori to Silom


A major new yakitori player has arrived on Bangkok’s Japanese food scene offering a refreshing take on the cuisine in a welcoming, smoke-free atmosphere from day to night.

Primely located at the front of the iconic Montien Mall on Surawong Road, Nan Tei brings Japan’s skewered chicken tradition to the heart of the Silom, Sathorn and Rama 4 business districts. All skewers are prepared on either a state-of-the-art smokeless grill inside the restaurant or on a charcoal grill that sits on the outside terrace.

This setup means that diners can enjoy a meal free from worry that the smell will linger in their hair or clothes. In addition, the smokeless indoor grill ensures that meats are cooked at a consistent heat for maximum juiciness.

Bearing a name that means “pleasant shady place in the south,” Nan Tei promises a dining experience unlike most other yakitori restaurants, which have a reputation for being small, dark and smoky. In contrast, this whitewashed venue provides an atmosphere that’s bright and airy during the day thanks floor-to-ceiling windows yet cozy and lively at night.

Aside from seating at the inside bar counter, diners can take advantage of two private rooms or take a seat at tables in various corners of the venue. Perfect for the cooler dry months approaching, the terrace provides a prime spot for people-watching along the busy street.

All Nan Tei’s chicken is sourced locally, with popular skewers (starting at just THB 60) including Tsukune Namatamago (chicken meatball dipping with fresh egg), Seseri (chicken neck), Tebanaka (chicken wing), Kokoro No Kori (chicken aorta) and Togarashi (chicken calf).

The aim is to bring out the natural and authentic flavours of top produce, which is made possibly with just the right amount of seasoning in the form of a homemade tare sauce and a unique salt combination. Nan Tei proudly uses salt that is found 3,000 meters above sea level from the salt lakes located in the Qinghai Tibet plateau, which is renowned as being very low in impurities.

In addition to chicken, Nan Tei puts added emphasis on fresh vegetables and seafood, as adapted from sister restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. These fruits of the sea range from the delicious grilled whole squid to plump and plentiful Hotate (scallop), oyster and prawn.

The menu is rounded out by a selection of classic Japanese comfort food that stretches from Inaniwa Udon, Yakisoba and Soba to Ika Gesokaraage. Those looking for something light and refreshing, can try the Gobo Yuzu Salad.

Visit during the day and diners can enjoy generous lunch sets starting at under THB 200, such as grilled saba mackerel or yakitori don rice bowl, each served with miso soup and vegetable salad for a well-rounded meal.

A trip to Nan Tei is not complete without trying their signature dessert of homemade matcha ice-cream made with creamy Hokkaido milk.

Dating back as far as the early 17th century, yakitori is traditionally enjoyed with beer or beverages. Nan Tei certainly delivers on this front with a selection of classic beers augmented by Japanese whiskey, gin and sake. Start your night with a Hibiki whiskey highball or Roku gin tonic (made with Fever-Tree Mediterranean craft tonic) before moving on to one of the well-priced Sake tasting sets (Junmai and Ginjo).

The restaurant is open from Monday-Saturday for lunch, 11.30-14.30, and dinner, 18.00-23.00. Free three-hour parking is available at Montien Mall.