Singapore’s The Golden Duck Joins Forces With Blue Elephant Group To Launch Possibly Asia’s Best Tom Yum Gourmet Snack – Bangkok Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix –


The Golden Duck (TGD), Singapore’s favourite gourmet snack company, in collaboration with Blue Elephant Group, led by Co-Founder Chef Nooror Somany Steppe, proudly present an ultimate rendition of Tom Yum reimagined into a gourmet snack pack –  aptly named ‘Bangkok Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix’ – featuring a juxtaposition of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavours in a tantalising blend of three unique ingredients in a pack: Lotus Root Crisps, Oyster Mushrooms and Shrimp Chins.

During ‘The Great Snack Showdown’ campaign launched earlier by The Golden Duck to seek a new flavour to add to the company’s line-up of award-winning snacks, the Tom Yum flavour was unanimously voted by snackers worldwide as the winning recipe.

A masterful collaboration with Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine

Staying true to their craft of translating well-loved dishes and complex flavours into hearty, flavourful snacks, TGD’s very own snack chef – Chef Maui, and Chef Nooror from Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine have come together to reimagine Thailand’s signature dish as a gourmet snack with real flavours and real ingredients!

Sharing more about the masterful collaboration between the two brands, Jonathan Shen, Co-founder & CEO of The Golden Duck said, “Our mission since the start has always been to translate well-loved dishes into authentic Asian gourmet snacks. Over the last year, we have gathered so many ideas from our fans when it comes to new flavours they want to snack on next, and Tom Yum is right up there among the favourites. However, getting Tom Yum’s distinctive flavour done just right is no easy task. With our Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix, we knew we had to work with the best of the best to craft the ultimate Thai snack that will conquer the hearts of our snackers around the world. We saw the opportunity to synergise our strengths with Blue Elephant – a long standing icon in the Bangkok culinary scene renowned for their award-winning restaurants and expertise of Chef Nooror, and are very proud to have them on board with us to bring the Thai gastronomy to new levels.”

Capturing the authentic flavours of Tom Yum Goong – it’s Bangkok in a Snack

The Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix embodies a truly authentic taste of Thailand, it will only take just one bite to realise how similar the flavour is to the signature Tom Yum dish itself, with a little thrill lingering between layers of aftertaste flavours that grows more deeply as you savour each crunch. The masterful recipe collaboration contains over 16 real ingredients and spices in one snack, from kaffir lime leaves to galangal to capture Tom Yum’s distinctive flavour and a snack truly deserving of its fans.

The Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix features three unique ingredients carefully tossed in an aromatic blend of Thailand’s best hot and sour flavours. Enjoy a new take on the beloved Tom Yum recipe with the sweet, crunchy Lotus Root Crisps, earthy and buttery fragrance of the Oyster Mushrooms, and complete with the addictive Shrimp Chins that bring out a rich umami flavour. Also making a debut is TGD’s first-ever spice booster pack for snackers to hack and enjoy Tom Yum in their preferred mellow, or intense way.

TGD assembled its newest snack meticulously from individual ingredients, gaining rich insights into the culinary techniques and traditions. Easily one of the most complex recipes from TGD’s R&D kitchens, Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix was finessed for over a year in TGD before perfected by Chef Nooror – one of Thailand’s top chefs and an ambassador for Thai gastronomy and ingredients for well over 40 years, as soon as TGD knew snackers desired a Tom Yum snack most.

“We have come a long way since we first started in 1980, having brought the Thai gastronomy to the world with some of our diners’ favourites at Blue Elephant in Bangkok. This year is especially meaningful as it marks our 40th anniversary and we could not have come this far without our loyal customers, the passion of the team and with amazing chance-encounters with like-minded people who lives and breathes quality and authenticity at the heart of their business. We saw this genuine philosophy in TGD, and are inspired by their energetic and youthful perspective on the snack industry in connecting with their community. We look forward to combining our knowledge and experience to also present Blue Elephant under a new rejuvenated light,” said Chef Nooror Somany Steppe of the Blue Elephant Group.

Created with and as voted by snackers from all around the world

As voted by snackers all around the world, Tom Yum was the winning flavour chosen by the majority of gourmet people who voted online from 31 August to 20 September 2020. The Great Snack Showdown was the first time the gourmet snack company involved their snackers in the product innovation process, where fans could choose from three flavour recipes ready to go in TGD’s kitchens representing some of the most iconic dishes around Asia – Beef Rendang, Laksa and Tom Yum. Fans could also choose 3 ingredients from 8 different choices including Mushroom, Tofu Puffs, Shrimp Chins, Dried Chili, Lotus Root Crisps, Fish Skin, Potato Chips and Okra Chips.

TGD’s newest gourmet snack, Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix is available for all your snacking pleasures and will retail exclusively first as an limited edition Snackbox of 5 gourmet snack packs at its international e-commerce site from 28 September 2020.  From 05 October 2020, Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix will be progressively rolled out in Singapore before reaching out to retail stores abroad.

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