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Sloane’s launches Scarletta Pasta


Sloane’s is proud to launch Scarletta Pasta, a new range of artisan fresh and dry pastas. Following old pasta-making traditions and staying true to the Sloane’s ethos of using produce from high welfare animals, the pastas are made using imported Italian durum wheat semolina and free-range eggs from pasture-raised hens. The pastas are an opportunity for Sloane’s founder, Joe Sloane, who is a trained chef, to expand his offerings beyond butchery.

Scarletta Pasta is produced with a Bottene pasta machine, one of the world’s most premium pasta machines, its history dating back to 19th century Italy. The machine uses bronze-cutters resulting in a more textured pasta, which cooks better and more effectively absorbs sauces.

With more than 25 dry and fresh variations, there is something for everyone. Shapes include popular and versatile cuts like Fettuccine, fusilli, and cavatelli, as well as lesser known variations like Mafalde, strands of pasta with rugged edges; Radiatori, a small pasta meant to resemble a radiator; and Gigli, also known as Campanelle, a cone-shaped pasta with ruffled edges that resemble a bell-flower.

Scarletta Pasta is available in Sloane’s store on LaSalle 29 and the online store on www.sloanes.co.th. Contact Joe Sloane for more information at joe@sloanes.co.th.