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Heritage launches 6 new Nature’s Sensation granola varieties, The best ingredients to inspire a healthier lifestyle.


Thailand’s leading manufacturer of healthy foods and beverages is launching six new Nature’s Sensation flavors; giving the unique and crunchy granola taste an appetizing twist whether as a feel-good snack or to inspire a healthier start to any day. Nature’s Sensation granola is now available in Goji Granola; Super Seed Granola; Unsweetened Granola; Cocoa Granola; Fruity Granola; and Berries Granola. These exciting flavors add to the two exisitng varieites already produced by Heritage, Original Granola and Nutties Granola available at 7-11. High in fiber, wonderfully filling and  with no added sugar, Nature’s Sensation granola appeals particularly to millennials on the go who want a quick, convenient and delicious breakfast or snack that supports a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner food diet.

All eight varieties of Nature’s Sensation granola are now available at THB 28 at Lawson 108, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Villa Market, Foodland and Big C. For more information, please visit www.heritagethailand.com/corp  and follow Heritage Thailand activities at www.facebook.com/NaturesSensationTH/ and tel 02-813-0954-5.