MISTINE Ranks Top-selling Imported Thai Beauty Brand at Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

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Thai beauty brand MISTINE boosted sales during the recent’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival by employing an extensive 360-degree marketing campaign, helping it rank as the top-selling Thai beauty brand on Alibaba’s imported product platform Tmall Global during the popular annual sales event.

MISTINE’s multifaceted marketing outreach brought together current consumer preferences for green products with smart promotions and multi-channel outreach to deliver improved sales results among China consumers. This year, the 6th time MISTINE has joined Alibaba’s 11.11 shopping festival through Tmall Global, the brand ensured its marketing efforts were more targeted at two key categories, focusing on sunscreen for face and body, and facial products, such as liquid foundation and cushion powder.

“Maximising sales on 11.11 is not just about the day itself, but the preparation in the weeks and months before the event to ensure your product is recognised and trusted by consumers. There is intense competition, and it’s important your products stand out and that means carrying out a multi-channel marketing campaign that reaches your target audience. The great thing about Tmall Global is that they have a robust infrastructure in place, making it easier for brands to thrive during the event,” said Jackey Ho, Brand and Business Development Director, Better Way (China) Co Ltd representing MISTINE.

This year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival was the largest edition to date, with a record 290,000 brands participating and offering more than 14 million deals to over 900 million consumers in China. Including MISTINE, a total of more than 29,000 overseas brands on Tmall Global leveraged on this year’s 11.11 to expand their reach in China. Thai products most sought after by Chinese consumers during this year’s 11.11 included sunscreen, bird’s nest, latex pillows, latex mattresses and facial masks.

MISTINE began launching and promoting its key sales products up to six months before the Festival, applying a range of product promotions through the year to drive purchase intent. Well before 11.11, MISTINE began a product seeding campaign on social media platforms, and KOL co-operation during live streaming events to build brand awareness and increase sales. This helped drive word-of-mouth sales for its new cushion powder product.

‘Green’ lifestyle featuring environmentally friendly products was a priority for Chinese consumers this year, preferring to buy products that are safe for people and the environment, and MISTINE tapped into this trend by promoting products using safe ingredients such as paraben-free and reef-safe ingredients. Sunscreen protection was also a high-demand product, topping the Thai product category, and MISTINE promoted this for indoor use as well as outdoor, helping consumers understand it offered protection from the blue light from our computers as well as outdoor UV light.

“We have built a reputation among Chinese consumers as a brand that is good value for money, and the marketing strategy we have used this year has consolidated and enhanced our position. Growth in China is a strategic goal for MISTINE and we plan to launch new cosmetic and skincare products next year. The key to remember is that consumers are becoming smarter shoppers, and looking for good value but also premium quality. We have learned a lot from our approach to this year’s 11.11 and we look forward to continuing our success on Tmall Global next year,” added Ho.

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