Tops and Central Food Hall celebrate Oktoberfest by offering up to 25% discounts on popular Bavarian and German products

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Bavaria is the largest German state in the South of the country, known for its beautiful natural wonders, its famous Oktoberfest, and delicious dishes that have won the heart of travellers from around the world. Tops and Central Food Hall under Central Retail offer a real Oktoberfest experience and invite you to enjoy traditional celebrations at the same time as those in Bavaria at “Bavarian Oktoberfest: The Best of Germany”. You can enjoy Bavarian and German products and food items with up to 25% discounts.    Try12 delicious German dishes prepared by CENTRAL EATERY chefs and freshly baked Bavarian treats at THE BAKER during October 13 – November 2, 2021 at Tops in Bangkok and vicinity, and all Central Food Hall, or online at, Grab application, and LINE @TopsThailand. Special! Spend     450 baht or more per receipt on participating Bavarian or German products and receive a special thermal bag with an exclusive design, priced at 95 baht.

  • Much-loved Bavarian and German products at up to 25% off such as Scandia Pepparrot Tafel Meerrettich sauce and Sahne Meerrettich sauce for seafood, Bauer Sahne yoghurt, Zott Toast cheese slices, Annes Feinste organic jam, Bavarian sausages made with Central Food Hall’s special recipes, and many other types of German sausages such as currywurst, Thuringian sausage, and weisswurst.
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest with 12 delicious dishes commonly enjoyed during Bavarian Oktoberfest, prepared by CENTRAL EATERY chefs, such as  

–         Crispy-Beer Roasted Pork Shoulder: German-style crispy pork made with pork shoulder cooked with beer and roasted until crispy on the outside, served with a delicious sauce.

–         Sauerkraut: Pickled cabbage commonly served with meat, sausages, or ham to tone down the oiliness.

–         Chicken Schnitzel: German-style fried chicken, pounded into flat pieces and coated with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, deep fried until crispy. It can be either a snack or a main dish.

–         Weisswurst with Pretzel and Sweet Mustard: Bavaria’s famous white sausage, served with heavenly sweet mustard.

–         Warm Skillet Potatoes: Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it offers a homey vibe that warms up the heart.

–         Currywurst with curry sauce and French fries: A popular fast food dish in Germany, the sausage is deep fried and served with French fries, topped with curry sauce that makes this dish addictive.

–         Fleischkaese pretzel burger: The highlight of this pretzel burger is the unique patty which is made with beef mixed with cheese, pork, bacon and onion, grilled until fragrant and served with fried egg. It’s a street food dish that is fulfilling and delicious.

–         XL Bratwurst: Generously sized grilled sausage served with bread, caramelized onion, and French fries.

  • Freshly baked Bavarian treats straight from the oven at THE BAKER  

–         Mannheimer Wiener bread

–         Bavarian rustical rye bread

–         Bavarian artisan pretzel

Celebrate Oktoberfest and enjoy indulgent German dishes and premium products today. For more details, visit, Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall and LINE @TopsThailand.

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