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Los Atico, Sexy and Sophisticated Mexican Lounge Opens on Sukhumvit Soi 11

Located on the rooftop of Cali-Mex Bar & Grill on Sukhumvit Soi 11, Hong Kong’s best-loved Mexican speakeasy Los Atico will open its door this 15th February, for residents of Bangkok to experience.

A major player in Hong Kong’s famously competitive nightlife scene, Los Atico is renowned for its creative cocktails and extensive selection of Mexican fire water, boasting a dizzying range of 50 premium Tequilas and Mezcals and set to be Bangkok’s largest selection.

The charismatic brains behind the bar and Head Mixologist, Rob Kariakan, has curated a menu of seasonal cocktails unique to Bangkok (in its national flavors, no less!) to complement his already-acclaimed drinks menu.

The renowned Miami-based graffiti artists — Ruben Ubiera, Orgie (AKA Le’ Creep) and Golden — will be flown in exclusively to flex their talents on the walls of Los Atico during the 1st week of February. This time, their creative efforts will be brought to the table in Bangkok with yet another mission to embellish the walls in colorful graffiti and Mexican-inspired murals with their trademark styles.

Bar goers and imbibers can expect up to five Margaritas on the menu, with a broad range of flavors bound to please the most discerning of palates and expose Kariakan’s cocktail mastery including Hibiscus based (Jamiaca), Lavander infused (Tequila makes My Clothes Come Off),  Jalapeno spicy, and Mango Mezcal. The last one is Carlos Slim, the ultimate margarita which is made fresh at your table.

‘Hit the sweet spot’ with a range of exotic Thai fruit cocktails with a twist on the classics, all made fresh at the bar. First and foremost the Los Atico Margarita, the bar’s signature cocktail is surely not to be missed.  Bona-fide classic made with Patron Silver Tequila, fresh limes, agave and orange liqueur will keep your mouth in carnival mode while you marvel in the stylish and unique atmosphere of Los Atico.

Tequila Makes My Clothes Come Off is possibly the most iconic drink of the bunch and pays tribute to the signature neon sign…’your taste buds are in for a ride!’ Made with lavender infused El Luchador over-proof Tequila, grapefruits, fresh limes and topped with citrus soda, we can see why this is Linda’s favorite.

On the topic of eats, Chef Abel Ortiz A – formerly of Central Restaurant in Peru (rated 4th best restaurant in the world by San Prellegrino vote’s top restaurants – introduces to Bangkok diners his inspired take on authentic Mexican fare such as; Street-style Tacos, Ocean-fresh Ceviches and Tableside Guacamole, all created with Rob’s cocktails in mind – not to mention our tequila y mezcal library.

Sound-ninja outfit Sol Passion Music has put together a broadly varied collection of

tunes that bops between bootleg old school hip hop remixes and Latin-seasoned deep-hypno beats, while live DJs drive the speakers nightly every Thursday to Saturday.

So when you’re in Bangkok getting your tropical-fun fix on, take the stairway up to a new dimension and experience the Thai incarnation of this tequila lover’s paradise, with its dazzling décor and can’t-miss seasonal cocktails.

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