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Mahanakorn University of Technology is ranked “Thailand’s no.1 private university”’ in the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2021

SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) is the internationally recognized classification and ranking of worldwide academic and research-related institutions.

Not only SIR ranks academic achievements of tertiary educational institutions from around the globe, but it also covers specialized institutions that include technological institutions, colleges, hospitals and research institutes. The ranking is based on three criteria, namely, research results, innovation results and impact on society, that reflect in all research publications from an institute or a university on Scopus database.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Panavy Pookaiyaudom, Vice President, Policy and Planning, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Mahanakorn University of Technology reveals that from the 2021 ranking  of leading universities worldwide by SIR, Mahanakorn University of Technology is ranked no.1 in the private university category. The ranking showcases the development of Mahanakorn University of Technology’s potential in various dimensions – from the faculty members’ integrated development, the enhanced accessibility to learning and knowledge sources that comply with emerging technological trends and the support and application of students’ research for both commercial and societal gains as well as the offensive measures to continue to improve research on technology and innovation. These dimensions reflect the campus’ firm standpoint and its image of the best private university in technology and innovation.

SCImago ranking standard is of high precision and respectability which has been recognized worldwide. The three ranking criteria includes Research (50%), Innovation (30%) and Societal (20%). While each ranking indicates the progress and development of “research” process of various disciplines and fields of study, the results are crucial for the development of research field in Thailand as well as researchers overseas looking into new information and breakthroughs.

In the most recent overview ranking by SIR, Mahanakorn University of Technology ranks at no. 21 from 27 universities in Thailand, no. 614 from 4,126 universities worldwide and no. 813 from 7,533 institutions around the globe. By criterion, Mahanakorn University of Technology is at no. 24 in Innovation, no. 10 in Societal and no. 18 in Technology in Thailand. Worldwide, the university is at no. 470 in Innovation, no. 495 in Technology and no. 251 in Societal.

Staying true to its “Knowledge is Power” motto, Mahanakorn University of Technology ascends to the position of number one private university in Thailand due to its dedication to achieve academic excellence in both theory and practice. Mahanakorn University of Technology is adamant to continue to further improve and drive Thailand’s integrated educational system to keep up with the digital era, instill out-of-the-box thinking and build skills and experiences in science, engineering and technology among new graduates for them to become the driving force that takes Thailand to the next level. The campus also encourages and supports the research development of both faculty members and students to create the new generation researchers that will continue on to produce high quality academic studies and innovative breakthroughs to benefit the society in this present fast-paced world.

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