IMPACT Speed Park returns with the concept “Safe2Race”


Miss Piyathida Thurachon, Director of Leisure & Entertainment, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., has revealed that the IMPACT Speed Park has eventually reopened to provide speedsters and thrill seekers with the ultimate go-karting experience after a temporarily closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the ongoing situation, the IMPA CT Speed Park has returned with a set of eight precautionary measures to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy under the “Safe2Race” concept.

The eight measures include:

  1. Advance booking by phone or through website, Facebook Messenger or email. No payment or deposit is required for individuals or small groups.
  2. Customers can register up to a day in advance via QR code or web link. Registration can also be done upon their arrival at IMPACT Speed Park.
  3. Customers are required to pass through “sanitization spray booth” one by one, have their temperatures checked, wear face mask at all time, clean their hands with alcohol gel, and queue up at reception using the floor markers as a guide to maintain social distancing.
  4. Contactless payment can be made via QR code, mobile banking, or bank transfer, either in advance or at reception.
  5. After briefing, first time customers are required to wait in the room until called and existing customers queue at pit lane entrance.
  6. Once called, customers will proceed to the pit lane using the floor markers as a guide. Single use balaclava is provided. Customers are required to wait for their turn to choose a helmet. Customers can also bring and use their own full-face motorcycle helmets.
  7. No changes, the fun and thrills are all the same!
  8. Customers are required to maintain distance to other users when exit the kart, then return the helmet to the staff for UV disinfection.

Miss Piyathida added, “Of course, the most important part of the reopening is to protect the health and ensure the maximum safety of our customers while everyone can expect the usual fun and thrill of go karting at IMPACT Speed Park. And to say thank you to all our regular customers & to give some enjoyment to everyone during this period we are offering 50% off all individual session & package prices until the end of this month”