TCEB Plans to Boost Logistics, Infrastructure, and Affiliated Advanced Industries.

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TCEB reviewed the first year of “Thailand LOG-IN Events,” the master plan to boost Logistics, Infrastructure, and affiliated advanced industries. The bureau promoted international trade exhibitions and officially announced allies in both government and private sectors under the master plan for this year and the guideline of the master plan for the upcoming year.

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, Senior Vice President-Business, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, mentioned the exhibition master plan “Thailand LOG-IN Events” as one of the crucial campaigns for stimulating and supporting MICE exhibitions to assist stakeholders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as restoring other business at the full capacity. This plan is the strategy to propel and support international trade exhibitions in the Logistic & Infrastructure (LOG-IN) group.

“The operating method of the exhibition master plan Thailand LOG-IN events serves the government’s national development plans at the macro level because it stimulates both government and privates sectors to create new shows, grow existing shows, expand shows to EEC. This plan offers benefits and support, such as financial support in ‘new normal’ organization, financial support for the feasibility study about the capacity to accommodate shows in the area or new exhibit profiles, and PR cost. Moreover, the benefits of the exhibitors are also available. For this year’s plan, the organizers are already interested in expanding their profiles and bring their shows to EEC about five shows involving three industries under this plan: the logistics, maritime, and smart city. It is expected that the master plan, aiming to create new shows, grow existing shows, and extend show profile to related industries, will result in up to 15 events at EEC by 2025.”

The allies from the government sector that are joining the master plan this year are as follows:
– Ministry of Transport as a government agency in charge of developing Thailand infrastructure by supporting developing LOG-IN industry master plan through representing Thailand which is currently undergoing massive infrastructure development and creating enormous supply for exhibition organizations demand in 360-degree aspect.
– Eastern economic corridor (EEC) as an agency that administers the venues for the international trade exhibitions equipped with utilities and facilities such as airport links, ports, and Aerotropolis.
– Pattaya City, as the center of the EEC area, fully prepared to present supporting packages and facilitate operators who introduce events into the area.
– The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) as an agency involved in supporting Smart City, which is an essential digital infrastructure nowadays by supporting developing LOG-IN industry master plan by empowering startups and familiarising investors with the emerging opportunities in Thailand.

Mr. Kanate Wangpaichitr, Assistant Secretary-General, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Office, said, “Thailand LOG-IN Events will ideally promote the area and build trust among investors while the EEC Office is facilitating the development of U-Tapao Aerotropolis, the multimodal logistics hub of Southeast Asia. The smart city will accommodate visitors with modern technology. This will put EEC on top of the international investors and corporations as the region’s strategic business platform.”

Mr. Kanate highlighted that “infrastructure development projects like U-Tapao Airport Link and Eastern Airport City, or Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Office and Laem Chabang Port Phase 3, have continued enormous progress and will have been in service by 2025 – 2026. Thailand LOG-IN Event will elevate advanced technology and innovation through international trade exhibitions.”

Mrs. Nichapa concluded that “there are three additional strategies to be included in the master plan for next year. The first strategy is to expand to EEC and targeted industries, push forward the advanced industries (future automotive, automation and robotics, medical hub, food processing, and national defense and disaster management), and expand international trade exhibitions to other EEC areas like Bang Saen and Rayong. The second strategy is to strengthen government partnerships to continue to work integrally with the government sector in expanded areas and government agencies relevant to promote advanced industries. The third strategy is the Incubation Programme: Strengthen Thai Stakeholders. This program aims to prepare Thai exhibition stakeholders to be ready to work for international trade shows in the future, such as making the practice guideline and incubation program relevant to the exhibition industry. The primary goal of this master plan is to host world-class aviation exhibitions like Thailand International Air Show in 2025.”

For more information about the supporting campaign and exhibition master plan Thailand LOG-IN Events, please contact:

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