Royal Paragon Hall steadily maintains its standard as Bangkok’s No.1 Safety Venue

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The Royal Paragon Hall, the world-renowned venue, steadily maintains its standard as no.1 safety venue in Bangkok, relentlessly putting its best efforts in safety investment and aiming at building trust amongst world class MICE organizers.

Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of the Royal Paragon Hall said, “With the current political instability, it becomes increasingly more important that organizers, especially foreign ones, consider safety as a criterion for venue selection. Building confidence in this matter is therefore an important strategy for pulling in this group of customers. The Royal Paragon Hall focuses an annual investment budget on developing a continuous security system in order to ensure that organizers are confident that, when staying in this area, they will receive the best security. At the very beginning of this year, we introduced the Visitor Management System for our security clearance, which helps check Information of those who enter the area more efficiently. The Royal Paragon Hall has fully functional safety equipment, from fire extinguishers, CCTV cameras covering the entire venue and the inside of the department store building, to metal detectors, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), as well as various communication devices. All devices are continuously checked and need to pass the Evaluation of Readiness, in order to be used according to international standards and by expert staff.”

In addition, the Royal Paragon Hall has security officers with World Class Security Standards working regularly throughout the event areas, to monitor and take care of safety in the area 24 hours a day, including a Standby First Aid Team that is issued from the first day of event setup until the dismantling work is completed and the last event organizers leave the area. The teams at the Royal Paragon Hall also go through various training courses to develop their potential and readiness in handling various emergency situations such as, first aid, fire extinguishing, etc. There is always a Royal Paragon Hall team, keeping their eyes on safety matters in all events, from checking the strength of the structure and various decorative parts of the event to ensuring the setup staff are strictly adhering to safety procedures and correct use of the safety equipment. The Royal Paragon Hall also has an effective plan in place to respond to various incidents or emergencies that may occur and affect the customers’ event organization, be it a riot that may occur outside the shopping center, a fire, a suspicious object discovery, the event of an explosion, etc. Every plan’s efficiency is reviewed annually, including tracking new situations that may occur, such as the PM dust problem that occurred in early 2019 –  a new situation that we have to review and for which we will prepare a management plan. Simulated events to rehearse the plans happen every year, including and evacuation simulation, so that the team is always ready to confront the various emergency situations.

Moreover, the Royal Paragon Hall has passed two global Safety Standards; the ISO22301 standards relating to business continuity management systems and, the TIS standards 22300 relating to the Security Management System Requirements for Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition (MICE).

“The Royal Paragon Hall is the only venue in Thailand that has passed ISO22301 certification in business continuity management systems, showing the capability of the venue and teams to cope with any incident that may occur and affect the customers’ events. The smooth continuity of the event is at the forefront of importance and the Royal Paragon Hall has profound expertise in this area, guaranteeing safety as well.  National and international organizers with high security standards have trusted us to organize many events, such as: the Overwatch World Cup 2018, the world-class E-Sports competition with contestants and participants from around the world; The Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar which we have hosted for more than 10 years, and; showcases that bring high-value assets to be exhibited, such as the Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition, with a total value of several billion baht.” said Talun.

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