Heritage Leads Health-Conscious Movement with Successful Brands at THAIFEX 2019

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Heritage Group, a leading premium natural food producer, wholesaler and exporter of nuts, dried fruits, mineral water and juices in Thailand is proudly revealing its success at the forefront of the country’s healthy-food-and-beverage revolution at THAIFEX World of Food ASIA 2019. The leading industry event is being held at Impact Challenger Hall 2 from May 28-June 1, 2019.
Bringing many varied product lines to Booth V01, the Heritage Group stand is an integral part of the high-profile five-day exhibition, displaying, year after year, brands that fit with consumer wants; pushing forward the healthy snacks market in Thailand and in the region.

“Quality has always been one of the main ingredients that our customers recognize with the Heritage name,” enthuses Vice President of Heritage Group, Vittavat Phonphaisan, “and more consumers are focused on what they’re eating, where ingredients are sourced from, and their own nutritional needs and values.”

The Heritage Group’s Vice President will attend THAIFEX 2019, revealing the positive impact of these health-conscious attitudes within Thailand and global. The worldwide Healthy Snacks Market is anticipated to reach around USD 40,699 million by 2026 *, while Heritage Group forecast to have a double digit growth this year as nutritional understanding expands and increasing demand of healthy food and beverages products.

At the heart of the home-grown company’s impressive leadership is a commitment to deliver the best quality products to consumers and following strict health and safety guidelines. The philosophy of ‘Healthy Food, Happy Life’ is evident in every element of the product lines from the R&D, sourcing and manufacturing.

During this year’s activities, Sunkist Pistachio Milk will be the highlight at THAIFEX 2019. This new product has meticulous quality control over the production process, ensuring product quality and safety, giving you the finest quality of real pistachio and is available in original and unsweetened, retailing at just THB 20 for a 180 ml carton; appealing to lactose-intolerant consumers also those following a diet plan and appealing to a growing appetite for plant-based produce.

Heritage Group will also launch Almond Breeze Barista Blend, the latest product of its widely popular Blue Diamond Almond Breeze range. The first almond milk to be created by baristas has a wonderfully rich taste and is a delicious, dairy-free alternative to a daily latte. Already a hit in the US and Australia, the 946 ml cartons, retailing for THB 99 exclusively at THAIFEX 2019. Almond breeze Barista Blend is perfect for consumers who want a dairy free rich and creamy milk froth that is not high in fat and low sugar too and will be available soon at a variety of convenience stores and retail outlets. Almond Breeze is made with the California almonds and manufactured in Thailand by the Heritage Group. Meanwhile, a highlight of the event is a daily Latte Art Demonstration by a professional barista.
Heritage Group also released a new product called “Heritage Organic” in a golden bag packaging includes nine products that have been organically certified by USDA which are Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Walnuts, Raw Natural Whole Almonds, Raw Whole Cashew Nuts, Thompson Seedless Raisins, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Dried Cranberries, and Dried Blueberries, in attractive 200-gram and 250-gram golden-colored packets for THB 90-700. Available at Villa Market, Foodland, RimPing, and Makro throughout Thailand.

Visitors to the Heritage Group booth during THAIFEX 2019 will receive a 40-50% promotional discount and one of several free gifts such as glasses, aprons and tote bags.

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