Sanitarium Delivers Quality Products with Care, for a Perfect First Meal

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Sanitarium is a leader in producing foods of the highest nutritional value from Australia. The company is trusted for its nutritious food and has developed a great reputation over the course of 120 years supplying products throughout the world. Sanitarium is as committed as ever to delivering delicious, wholesome foods utilising its experience and expertise in healthy food products. Sanitarium emphasises the importance of nutrition in your diet and aims to promote greater awareness among consumers, beginning with its focus on selecting natural ingredients, minimizing the use of chemicals, and using ingredients sourced in Australia to ensure high health benefits and nutritional value. Sanitarium offers more choices in products that are rich in calcium and protein from non-dairy sources, because high-quality, high-nutrient foods can improve health and wellbeing.

Young 6 year old girl eating a healthy breakfast before going to school

Thai consumers are now paying more attention to their health, nutrition, and fitness. Making healthier food choices and reducing meat intake means whole grain products are a great option because of the low chemical residue and high protein content that can rival even that of protein from meat. Nutritionists also recommend a well-balanced breakfast to start the day as part of your diet. This involves choosing high-energy, nutrient-rich foods which the body can turn to energy efficiently. Sanitarium, recognising the importance of this balanced diet, strives to share the correct knowledge about food consumption to consumers. Therefore, the company has put together a wide-range of useful information and the answer to questions about health and food in its special online content “Ask a Nutritionist” via Facebook, as well as useful tips and recipes on how to stay healthy on the Sanitarium website along with other online channels as a way to provide consumers more information and ideas.

Sanitarium recognises the needs of all family members and those who are looking for healthy food products, promoting children’s development in particular by producing nutritious foods as children need the right nutrients for efficient growth. Even those who are allergic to protein from meat or are lactose intolerant are provided for with great options of whole grain goodness. These options include nutritious breakfast products such as Ezy Oat Congee, a ready to eat meal that only needs hot water, available in three flavours: Original, Mushroom, and Seaweed; Ezy Oat Congee, made from 100% Australian oats, is packed with nutrients found in wholegrain oats, is low in sodium, and MSG-free, making it the ideal breakfast for kids; Weet-Bix™, Australia’s No.1 breakfast cereal, is packed full of 97% wholegrain goodness and provides a good source of iron and Vitamins B1, B2 and 3. Weet-Bix™ is also a natural source of fiber and low in fat and sugar, containing all the essential nutrients and five important minerals, therefore providing the high energy needed to kick start a new day feeling fresh and revitalised. Weet-Bix™ can be paired with So Good or So Good almond milk, an easy to drink, delicious creamy milk made from soy or almonds. They are perfect for those who are lactose intolerant. In just one glass, So Good Regular and So Good UHT almond milk gives you half the recommended daily intake of calcium and vitamin D. They contain 40% protein and the right amount of all the essential amino acids that helps body growth and recovery, are high in nutrients and minerals, and lactose and cholesterol-free. Moreover, soybean contains lecithin which nourishes the brain and memories, and reduces body fat.

Sanitarium products are recommended by nutritionists, athletes, fitness and weight-loss enthusiasts, as well as modern parents who interested in nutrition for the growth and development of their children. One of these endorsers is former model and actress ‘A – Unchalee Hassadeevichit’, the mother of an eight-year-old daughter called ‘Ivy’. She continually gets asked about her secret to staying in shape, while busy with work and taking care of her kid. Despite her busy schedule, A  Unchalee never neglects to take good care of herself, keeping up a consistent exercise routine and skincare regimen. One of her secrets to maintaining good health is choosing high-quality foods, that are low-fat and high-energy, great-tasting and easy to eat. She also selects only nutritious foods for her daughter, which is one of the reasons why she trusts in Sanitarium products to suit all her needs. Another person who can attest to the quality of Sanitarium products is ‘Pat – Kritsadee Phodhithat’, one of the top five nutritionists in Thailand and a well-known triathlete. She pays great attention to staying healthy and regular exercise is important to her. Therefore, making good food and nutrition choices is essential, and eating high-energy foods cannot be overlooked.  That’s why Pat also trusts in Sanitarium products. Sanitarium is committed to providing the best products for good health. Make sure you’re paying attention to your health, eat wholesome foods, and exercise regularly to improve the quality of your life.

Sanitarium products are widely available at breakfast and dairy product sections in leading supermarkets, or refrigerated beverage sections in selected supermarket branches.

For more information about Sanitarium’s products, great promotions, recipes, and tips for staying healthy, please visit the website

Or you can “Ask a Nutritionist” direct questions to Sanitarium’s nutritionists about health and foods on the Sanitarium Facebook page. Join the fun, informative activities available online at or Instagram @sanitariumthailand.