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Microsoft’s small steady steps will help make it a metaverse leader, says GlobalData

Following Microsoft’s recent Microsoft Ignite event and the showcasing of Mesh for Microsoft Teams;

Emilio Campa, Thematic Associate Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“It’s clear Microsoft has a much more grounded and realistic vision of the metaverse than Meta. Microsoft’s approach is focused on the here and now, while Meta’s is on yet to be defined future possibilities.

“Microsoft has grasped how people actually use technology. All you need to use Mesh – Microsoft’s so-called gateway to the metaverse – is your current smartphone or laptop. No clunky headsets or expensive tech setups are needed. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that people want to change the way they work, and by limiting showcasing of Mesh to the workplace, Microsoft has avoided fears of the metaverse replacing all human interaction.

“While there is a huge amount of hype surrounding the metaverse, it was refreshing to see Microsoft emphasising the presently limited capabilities. No one knows what the metaverse will look like, what hardware it will use, or what companies will be the main players. Meta is all vision and no reality. The irony is Microsoft’s small, steady steps put it in a better place to be one of the metaverse’s future leaders.”

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