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Minor Food Skyrockets: Expansion Fuels Market Dominance!

The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited has recently shared an overview of its business performance during the initial four months of 2023. The report highlights a remarkable trend of sustained growth, with the company achieving record-breaking sales. This can be attributed to the successful execution of well-defined business plans, combined with the favorable factors stemming from the recovery of the consumption and tourism sectors across all regions.

Another crucial factor contributing to the company’s success is its proactive approach to enhancing the image of its restaurant brands. By positioning itself as the frontrunner in the Asian restaurant business, the company has effectively solidified its leadership position. The introduction of four new brands across the food and beverage segments throughout the year will play a significant role in penetrating the target consumer market.

Among the four new brands introduced, the first is “Poulet,” a restaurant that serves classic-comfort food to delight customers with delectable offerings such as French-style roast chicken and an assortment of pasta dishes. The second brand is “Riverside Grilled Fish,” an authentic Chinese restaurant renowned for its exceptional Chongqing-style grilled fish, which has garnered a reputation with over 140 branches across China and Singapore. The third brand, “GAGA,” is a beverage and bubble tea shop catering to the evolving lifestyles of modern consumers. Last but not least, “FRY’s” is a fresh addition under The Pizza Company brand. Together, these new brands enrich the company’s portfolio and propel Minor Food’s growth trajectory.

Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, Chief Operating Officer at Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, emphasized that the business overview reflects robust performance not only in Thailand but also in international markets. This achievement aligns perfectly with the company’s three-year strategic plan, aptly named “Back to Growth,” which aims to propel the business toward achieving its full potential.

 “The strategy to achieve the outlined goals involves focused efforts across the business operations of each brand within the Minor Food Group. This includes enhancing the brand image of the restaurant chain in conjunction with various marketing strategies tailored to the behaviors and preferences of the target customer base. Additionally, the development of a loyalty program platform, as well as continuous innovation in food menu creation and the introduction of new product lines, are key areas of focus. These initiatives are critical factors that contribute to Minor Food’s notable growth.”

                In addition to driving the growth of its existing brands, Minor Food always strives to develop, incubate, adapt, or acquire new brands and concepts to meet evolving demands. As part of its strategy, Minor Food aims to showcase its strength as a “Food Explorer,” positioning itself as a prominent restaurant surveyor in Asia. The company aims to curate a selection of exceptional and renowned restaurants from around the globe, bringing their legendary flavors directly to Thailand. By doing so, Minor Food enables consumers to indulge in exotic tastes and cater to various lifestyles. The four new food and beverage brands introduced by Minor Food in 2023 include:

  1. Poulet

Originating from Singapore, Poulet is a renowned classic-comfort restaurant that successfully opened its first branch in Thailand last year. Located on the 6th floor of CentralWorld, Poulet has received exceptional feedback from consumers. One of the highlights of Poulet’s menu is its signature dish, the “French Roast Chicken” which features succulent, French-style baked chicken served with rich sauces available in four distinct flavors. In addition to the renowned roast chicken, Poulet offers a variety of enticing options, including pasta dishes like Pasta, Risotto, and comforting Pot Pie, as well as a selection of enticing main courses and mouthwatering desserts which have successfully captivated the attention of consumers. To broaden its customer base, Poulet is gearing up for further expansion in Thailand. The second branch of Poulet is scheduled to open at Mega Bangna in June, followed by the third branch in October this year.

  1. Riverside Grilled Fish

Riverside Grilled Fish is an authentic Chinese restaurant renowned for its exceptional Chongqing-style cuisine, which has gained a reputation for its bold and vibrant flavors characterized by the use of various spices. The restaurant’s specialty lies in its Chongqing-style grilled fish dishes. Minor Food recognizes the immense potential of Riverside Grilled Fish as one of the most popular Chongqing-style Chinese restaurants, not only in China but also in Singapore. This is evident from its impressive track record, boasting a total of over 140 branches. The restaurant’s signature dish, Chongqing-style grilled fish, has garnered tremendous popularity, with sales surpassing a record high of over 2 million servings. Riverside Grilled Fish’s remarkable success positions it as one of Minor Food’s most promising ventures.

Aside from the highly anticipated Chongqing-style grilled fish, Riverside Grilled Fish offers another crowd-pleasing option: the popular “Ma La” recipe that allows customers to customize their dishes by selecting their preferred ingredients and adjusting the spice level according to their taste preferences. Moreover, the restaurant presents a wide array of other Chongqing-style Chinese dishes. Whether visiting alone, with friends or as a family, patrons can indulge in the authentic flavors of Chongqing-style Chinese cuisine without the need to travel far to the original country. The store is set to open its first branch on the 6th floor of CentralWorld in early July.

  1. GAGA

GAGA, a renowned beverage brand, joined the Minor Food portfolio at the end of 2022. As a strong brand, GAGA holds great potential for growth. Beyond being a bubble milk tea shop, GAGA represents a beverage brand that caters to the evolving lifestyle needs and preferences of the new generation. Currently, GAGA boasts a total of 32 branches across Thailand. The brand has an ambitious plan to increase the number of branches in Bangkok and other provinces, aiming to surpass 40 branches in total this year. It also intends to expand its presence beyond Thailand’s borders.

  1. FRY’s

FRY’s is an exciting addition to the Minor Food Group’s portfolio, stemming from The Pizza Company. This new highlight restaurant focuses on snacks and appetizers. It leverages its strengths by offering a wide range of potato chips and deep-fried dishes, creating a fun and flavorful experience for customers. One of the brand’s unique aspects is its ability to infuse the outstanding flavors from The Pizza Company’s signature pizza recipes into snack offerings, allowing customers to indulge in the distinctive tastes while enjoying a fresh and exciting presentation. FRY’s will initially be operating as a “shop in shop” within The Pizza Company outlet before expanding and operating as a standalone operation in the future. Snack enthusiasts can now savor the full-bodied, unique crunchy snacking experience of FRY’s at The Pizza Company’s Future Park Rangsit Branch.

“At Minor Food Group, the primary objective of our business operations is to deliver exceptional experience that anticipates and satisfies customer’s aspiration. We strive to provide an unparalleled dining experience that goes beyond expectations and consistently delivers the highest customer satisfaction. We continue to diversify our offerings to improve our strengths, enabling us to compete on a global scale. We have strong confidence that the overall business of Minor Food Group will grow as expected,” concluded Thunyachate.

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