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Museum Siam takes you back in time ‘Way of Life on Rattanakosin Island’ via Online Seminar before the End of Year

The Museum Siam has invited you to experience Way of Life on Rattanakosin Island via online seminar during “Cultural District 2021: The Art Festival for the opening of Rattanakosin Island” project under the theme “Stories Structure: Architecture Awe of Old Town Bangkok” for on four interesting touches including Taste: Traditional Thai Food, REALLY?

Get to know Thai Food – Samrub Wang and House Recipe Styles by Mr. Duang-Rithi Claewplodtook, Food Heritage Expert on 15th November 2021; Smell-Krung: Assemble experiment to create the touch in history by Mr. Sran Tongpan, Writer for Ancient City, on 22nd November 2021; Sound-Nakorn: Discover melodious on Rattanakosin Island by Prof. Atsadawut Sakhrik, College of Music Mahidol University on 29th November 2021; and Develop District: Creat(iv)e Bangkok and Cultural Heritage Management by Asst. Prof. Dr. Supitcha Tovivich, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University and Police Captain Pongsakorn Kwanmueng, Bangkok spokesperson, on 6th December 2021.

Please follow online seminars or more information via Facebook: www.facebook.com/CulturalDistrictBangkok, Instagram: www.instagram.com/culturaldistrict.bkk, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cultural_Bkk or Telephone: 02-225-2777

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