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Netflix celebrates Mother’s Day festivities with a special “Happy Mother’s Day” collection of 100 curated films and series to enjoy with the family

This year, Netflix invites Thais to celebrate Mother’s Day on 12 August with a specially-curated collection of 100 series and films from around the world under the “Happy Mother’s Day” theme. This special collection will appear exclusively on the main page of Netflix on all devices (i.e., smart TVs, desktops and mobile devices) on this momentous occasion – to commemorate the special bond between mothers and their children. Be enveloped in the family’s warm embrace with this range of highly emotive titles in the comfort of your couch. This collection is also easily searchable with the keywords “Happy Mother’s Day” or through netflix.com/สุขสันต์วันแม่.

If you’re one of those who find it especially hard to spill out those three special words to mom, why not say it through these five highly recommended titles as a starter?

  • Hi Bye, MAMA!

Cha Yu-ri (Kim Tae-Hee) has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago. She left behind her husband Cho Gang-hwa and their child. To become a human again, Cha Yu-ri carries out a reincarnation project for 49 days. Cho Gang-hwa works as a chest surgeon. He got remarried after his wife passed away. Now his ex-wife Cha Yu-ri reappears in front of him, and he’s shocked and clueless.

  • Bird Box

When a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: if you see it, you take your life. Facing the unknown, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) finds love, hope and a new beginning only for it to unravel. Now she must flee with her two children down a treacherous river blindfolded to the one place left that may offer sanctuary.

  • Krong Kam

Mai Chareonpura gives a stellar performance in her unenviable role of the most-hated mother “Mae Yoi” on this highly popular Channel 3 soap “Krong Kam”

  • Never Have I Ever

A coming-of-age comedy about 15 year-old Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) with themes centered around self-discovery and teenage romance; her daily struggles to navigate her dual identity as a first generation Indian-American and a difficult relationship with mother Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan).

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