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New Nordic Group Plans to Hire Hundreds

The World Travel and Tourism Council’s “2018 Annual Economic Report” stated that globally, 1 in 5 new jobs created over the last ten years were in tourism. It noted that jobs tied to tourism, “… was particularly strong across Asia…” The report also stated further that future job growth in Asia will be tied closely to tourism.

Reflecting these trends, the New Nordic Group, one of the fastest growing construction, hotel and hospitality management companies in Asia, is preparing to hire hundreds of new employees over the coming years. “We are proud to help the local economies where our properties are located. The New Nordic Group tries to hire as many local people as possible. So far, we’ve had great success doing that,” said Kurt Svendheim, the CEO of the New Nordic Group.

New Nordic Group, a growing Asian employer

The New Nordic Group, which currently has over 1,000 employees, most of whom are in Asia, has plans to expand their operations throughout Thailandand Southeast Asia. To date, they have completed over 50 projects, and all of them are staffed by local workers. At any one time, they typically have 20 projects underway in Asia. All of these projects employ hundreds of Asian carpenters, masons, engineers and others in the building trade.

For example, there are a number of new projects currently under construction in Thailand by the New Nordic Group. These include a 152-room, 4-star hotel facility in popular Pattaya, and a family vacation development in Phuket Island called New Nordic Water World. These projects provide an opportunity for investors who wish to take advantage of Asia’s booming economies. The first phase of the New Nordic Water World project is currently underway. Investors can now participate in this development at favorable pre-construction rates through the New Nordic Group (see their link at the bottom). See the development’s website at: https://www.newnordicgroup.com/destinations/phuket/

Thailand and SE Asia’s growing employment tied to tourism

Tourism is a major job creator in Southeast Asia and Thailand. Over 5.8 million jobs in Thailand are tied to the tourism industry. It contributes 15.5% of the country’s GDP, higher than the county’s second and third largest export items, according to Thailand government statistics.  Globally, tourism accounts for 10% of the world’s jobs. In contrast, 26% of all employment in Cambodia is associated with the tourism industry.

There a correlation between rising employment rates and the growth of the travel and tourism industry in Thailand and throughout the whole of Southeast Asia. As more travelers visit and stay in the region, more jobs are created. Local hospitality development companies like the New Nordic Group are just a single example of this.

We are very aware of how important tourism is to the employment situation in Southeast Asia. I personally take great pride in the fact that we at the New Nordic Group are able to provide income to hundreds of people today, and hopefully thousands more in the coming years,” Kurt Svendheim said.

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