Krungsri joins partners with a vision to the future: Fulfilling the dreams of the new generation and opening space for creativity and opportunities for tech talents

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Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the world’s largest financial groups, held an open house tech seminar called ‘Krungsri Envisioning the Future’ bringing together the gurus behind Krungsri’s technology and innovation development with leading tech entrepreneurs and startups.

Together they shared their vision and perspective on economic and social developments of the future and how they complement the advances in the digital world. The seminar enabled creative space for the new generation to showcase their potential and their ideas as they evolve into the workforce of the future.

Mr. Sayam Prasitsirigul, Krungsri Chief Information and Digital Officer, said that, “Krungsri priortizes our customer-centric strategy as we respond to changing customer needs and eliminate any limitations. The digital world is around us everywhere 24 hours. Krungsri has become a leader in digital banking by maintaining our focus on the development of modern and practical technology. This event marks the first time that Krungsri has introduced the team of technology experts behind our success, and their insight, perspective and experience in both digital innovation and data and information technology will benefit the development of the banking system. It also creates a network to enable business expansion,  whether it is for large companies or new startups. Importantly, it will increase the value and benefits of the products and services that we deliver to our customers more efficiently.”

During the event, participants were informed about Krungsri’s information technology and digital fields, as well as being introduced  with emerging projects that will accelerate and create changes in line with the fast-paced advancement of the digital era. For example, “Krungsri Nimble” is a hub for creating and maintaining IT solutions, technology development, and financial innovation. In addition to being ready to support every Thai Tech Community, it is also a creative space to spark new solutions that benefit customers and businesses. There is also “Krungsri Finnovate,” a leader in supporting and investing in innovative technologies and startups nationally and regionally that is ready to invest in startups to support and add value to potential new entrepreneurs.

Miss Saisunee Hanprathueangsil, Krungsri Head of Digital Innovation and Data Group, said that, “Increasing capacity in communication channels and presenting and analyzing data efficiently is a key factor in business operations, especially for financial institutions where customer needs are diverse and constantly changing. Our division plays a major role in studying and developing innovations that accelerate and enhance Krungsri’s businesses. We also see it as a platform for young people to present their business ideas or innovations, and we are ready to support them to achieve their business and creative potential. These are the essential foundations that Krungsri intends to achieve in the future.”

Mr. Pochara  Vanaratseath,  Krungsri Head of Information Technology Group, said that, “In the past, IT jobs may have been seen as simply a back office job that supports devices or programs. But at Krungsri we view that IT plays a major role in maintaining the basic systems of new services and is the heart of the business in driving the business to meet customers’ demands. Teamwork between IT and business units that are aligned and in harmony, is thus very crucial.

The event covered a number of interesting topics, including:

  • The Future of Work – presented by Mr. Teeraphong Mahatham, Managing Director of Krungsri Nimble Company Limited, Mr. Charle Charoenphan, Co-founder and CEO of HUBBA Thailand, Ms. Thiraya Thiranakanat, Co-founder and CEO of Carrier Visa Digital Company Limited. The session covered their perspectives on the COVID-19 situation which affected the way organizations worked worldwide, resulting in changing work styles as technology and people’s attitudes towards work evolved. Although work from anywhere is a popular trend today it also reduces engagement among co-workers which means the development of essential soft skills cannot be overlooked for future work.
    • Human+Machine” Re-imaging the Corporate Innovation presented by Mr. Shakrit Chanrungsakul, Founder and CEO of FireOneOne Company Limited, Mr. Piyawat Srisangnam, Krungsri Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Experience Design and Delivery Department, and Dr. Wasan Pattara-atikom, Head of Intelligent Transportation System Laboratory, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) . The session revealed how to cope with the continuous development of technology and  how we should understand the technology we use and consider how it can be applied to real life appropriately.
  • Metaverse – What Does It Mean for Real Business? by Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, CEO of SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited, and Mr. Nattasate Trithipcharoenchai, CEO and Co-founder of Brandverse Company Limited. The presenters shared how to adapt the work style to fit the technology era. They also looked into understanding how to work remotely efficiently, as well as how to integrate the right AI and technology solutions into the business or each organization.
  • Rise of Unicorns and The Journey After Becoming One. Mr. Worachat Luxkanalode, Executive Director of Grab Thailand told the background story of Grab and educated the new generation on how to rank a startup’s business size and explain the value of becoming a unicorn.
  • Inside The Minds of VCs, What to Invest in 2023? Mr. Sam Tansakul, Managing Director at Krungsri Finnovate Company Limited talked about the survival of unicorns during the post-COVID-19 era and shared updates on the businesses Krungsri Finnovate has invested in so far, as well as outlining major investment trends in 2023.
  • Corporates & Startups, How Does a Successful Collaboration Look Like? Presented by Mr. Anusorn Preugpaibul, Orion Project Manager of PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited, Mr. Patai Padungtin, CEO and Co-founder of Builk Asia Company Limited, Mr. Sirasit Suriyapattanapong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Choco Card Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Ms. Palida Artispong, Head of Strategic Partnership and Investor Relations, Krungsri Finnovate Company Limited. The speakers shared the visions of large corporations interested in working with startups, as well as understanding what qualifications those organizations are looking for in selecting startups.

“In addition to developing advanced technology and serving the real needs of customers, what makes Krungsri outstanding in the digital banking business world is that we also have access to MUFG’s powerful global network and knowledge. This creates opportunities for Krungsri, our partners and startups to get to know each other, all the time learning and sharing experiences and ideas. We are also ready to give the new generation the opportunity to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that eliminate limitations and create innovations and solutions that respond to a diverse and developing set of customers demands. Technology can connect and uplift customer experiences while giving us a feeling of being approachable with a human touch. This is what we mean by saying our main focus must be more than technology or Beyond Tech,” concluded Mr. Sayam.

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