Leading Yachts of the World Ramps Up Hospitality and Travel Trade Industry Signings Ahead of Asia Pacific Launch


One of the world’s most prestigious and exclusive hotel brands, COMO Hotels and Resorts, has formally signed an official agreement with Leading Yachts of the World to develop the commercialisation of its motor yacht, the sleek 42-foot Capricorn II, based in Phuket, Thailand. Use of the yacht is intended for the guests of COMO Point YAMU, but also for other guests not residing in the resort, by accessing Leading Yachts of the World’s digital ecosystem of hotel and travel agency networks, made possible with proprietary technology from AVA Software.

With COMO Point Yamu’s membership entry into Leading Yachts of the World’s digital ecosystem, resort guests can easily check availability of yachts, choose and select their yachts and obtain instant, real-time quotations for their expeditions, at any time, from anywhere. At the same time, non-resident guests staying in other hotels and resorts in Phuket may also choose to select the resort’s yacht Capricorn II for their cruising expeditions around the island, with Leading Yachts of the World’s safe, hassle-free and user-friendly platform.

Leading Yachts of the World CEO and co-founder Anthony Brisacq, one of the world’s foremost experts in technology-based solutions for the yachting and hospitality industries, spoke about the game-changing benefits in guest experiences that his company’s digital CRM and Cloud-based platform provides to luxury resorts and hotels and their guests.

He said: “COMO Point Yamu hopes to reach a new clientele by offering activities related to the world of yachting with the interactive Leading Yachts of the World Cloud, which facilitates instant communication of information between their guests, yacht providers and guests relation services.”

Interested parties seeking to book Capricorn II and celebrate memorable experiences may click on this link: https://www.comohotels.com/en/pointyamu/experiences/sea-adventures/cruise-capricorn-ii/book-now

Leading Yachts of the World also earlier celebrated the confirmation of its first hospitality industry collaboration in Asia Pacific, with the newly opened, luxurious Intercontinental Phuket Resort. By teaming up with Leading Yachts of the World, the new resort is now uniquely positioned to elevate its guest service offerings with the ability to book and confirm luxury yachts at the click of a button. The technology provides unprecedented access to bespoke and memorable experiences for resort guests.

In addition, the company has secured the participation of the travel trade industry, including German carrier Lufthansa’s travel agency in Phuket, Thailand, and Paris-based Luxury Club, a French travel agency specialising in bespoke luxury travel solutions.

Leading Yachts of the World is poised for a launch in Asian markets in Q2 2020.