Messe Düsseldorf chooses Thailand as Asian packaging and printing hub Printing, packaging and corrugated card trade associations on board Massive event to be attended by 250 leading global companies showcases latest packaging innovations to revive manufacturing

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Messe Düsseldorf Asia has teamed up with the Thai Printing Association, the Thai Packaging Association and the Thai Corrugated Packaging Association to host “Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022”, an international trade exhibition focused on printing, packaging and corrugated packaging in Asia, to be held between 19-22 October 2022 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, better known as BITEC Bangna.

This will be a space for cutting edge innovation from three industries in the production of printing and packaging. It will underline Thailand’s potential as a hub for regional trade exhibitions, connecting manufacturers with innovators in printing, packaging and corrugated cardboard to move ahead with their operations after the country has reopened.

Mr Gernot Ringling, Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf Asia recalled that while Thailand and many other countries were pursuing a policy of economic recovery, and the country was being reopened to tourism and investment in new opportunities for industry, Messe Düsseldorf Asia, the world’s most successful exhibition organizer, has formed a partnership with the Federation of Thai Industries, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the Thai Printing Association and the Thai Packaging Association. Most recently, the partnership expanded its scope to include the Thai Corrugated Packaging Association to host “Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022”, an international trade exhibition for the printing, packaging and corrugated packaging industries in Asia between 19-22 October 2022 at BITEC Bangna exhibition hall. The event is aimed at promoting innovation in the printing and packaging industries, which are a key component to generate growth in many sectors such as food and beverages, cosmetics, medical products and drugs. It is opening up space to players in the printing, packaging and corrugated packaging industries to present the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, innovation for sustainability, the digital economy and 3D printing. These technologies can differentiate product display and presentation to bolster exhibitors and spark ever greater growth. The event also underlines Thailand’s potential as a regional hub for trade exhibitions and conferences in many industries.

The event will showcase innovation and technology to address future manufacturing trends from over 250 leading companies from all over the world including Bobst, Heidelberg, Konica Minolta, Tsukatani and Zund, as well as leading national brands such as Comprint, Cyber SM and Nationwide. Each company is ready to show off the latest cutting-edge innovations and technology for the production of printing and packaging. This includes 3D printing technology, a cost-effective innovation for small, medium or large enterprises. There is technology which is responsible towards the environment, in line with government policy to drive the economy under the BCG model. This also covers packaging, which is an industry currently growing strongly, with packaging for the environment, packaging which meets the needs of e-commerce channels, and packaging which is responsive to healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event has many other outstanding features, including a space to conduct business negotiations, which enables participants to make connections with manufacturers or partners, to develop new concepts for the future. Experts will also be on hand to provide knowledge about the industry and its innovations, and will consult on implementing technology and being prepared for changes. Business operators, designers and manufacturers can try out business operations for themselves with MICE technology, with support from TCEB, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization).

Mr Kriengkrai Thiennukul, Vice Chairman, Industrial Promotion Support, The Federation of Thai Industries noted that there were currently huge challenges for Thailand and the world economy, with the current pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Despite all these problems, projections for the Thai economy in 2022 showed a recovery trend with an average growth rate of 3.5 to 4.5%. If Thai industry can boost its capabilities with the application of science, technology, innovation and digital systems, while improving productivity and focusing on developing management skills as well as knowledge about tech and innovation, this can upgrade the Thai industrial sector. Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022 is the very model of an exhibition for industry where people from all over the world can see the potential of Thai industry and its capabilities to host trade shows for industrial sectors both in Thailand and at the international level, for further study and development for the next exhibition.

Meanwhile, Miss Kanokporn Damrongkul, Director of Exhibition, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) said that TCEB had a pathway to assist economic recovery through MICE events, including conferences, exhibitions and major festivals. These were showcases to drive the industrial sector with exchanges of information, trade negotiations and building networks to add value in the future. “Pack Print International 2022” was a stage to present innovation, technology, products and services from the printing and packaging industries. There would also be ripple effects across the national manufacturing sector to power the Thai economy. This was therefore another target event for TCEB support, and in conjunction with “Corrutec Asia 2022”, it would encourage the “Return of Investment” and the “Return of Time” for entrepreneurs and exhibitors.

            Trilateral cooperation from the three key trade associations, the Thai Printing Association, the Thai Packaging Association and the Thai Corrugated Packaging Association meant that Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022 would be exhibitions of product by industry for industry.

Mr Manit Kamolsuwan, President, The Thai Packaging Association had the opinion that designing packaging under policies to control and prevent the spread of infection from COVID-19 could be called The New Normal for Packaging Design, which had many components. The Association wanted to introduce new alternatives for sustainability by encouraging packaging for food products made from paper and card to manage business continuity in the packaging industry and reduce risk from natural threats. As well as the issue of control, there was the management of limited resources to get the greatest benefit from their use. The long-term target was for the global packaging industry to keep developing into the future.

Mr Chusak Deetrakunwattanapoen, President, Thai Corrugated Packaging Association mentioned that the current rapid growth of the e-commerce sector was on a trend of continual increase. This year, it was forecast that growth will be minimally 30%. As such, this was a turning point in consumer behavior, as people have increasingly turned to online shopping. Packaging in the form of boxes for postage had become very popular, which were corrugated cardboard boxes used by big companies in the industrial sector, retailers and online traders. Small operators have also turned to improvements of packaging and wrapping formats to be more interesting and of higher quality. The Association also was concerned with participation in responsibility towards society during the crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, it had joined forces with cardboard box and corrugated board manufacturers to sponsor over 60,000 beds in field hospitals, for public health authorities facing severe shortages. In the near future, other cooperations are planned for the benefit of the public, society and the global environment.

Finally, Mr Pongthira Pathanapiradej, President, the Thai Printing Association, noted that the Thai Printing Association had observed growth opportunities for printing in Thailand. The printing and packaging businesses in particular had a total market value in 2021 of between 140 and 150 billion baht, growing 5% on 2020. Continuous growth had been enabled by the factor of growing e-commerce, as consumers have increasingly turned to online channels. Over the last few years, printing volumes for both labels and packaging have clearly increased. Modern printing technology has improved in quality, making many businesses look at printing labels they had designed themselves, and having adaptable labels, while including QR codes on corrugated board and other packaging. It was an appropriate opportunity for the Thai commercial printing industry to look at investment in new machinery and digital printers to meet the rapidly increasing needs of the e-commerce market.

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